#SMPWedding101 – Unique Wedding Heirlooms

I’m a sentimental person and that affection extended into my own wedding. I strived to create unique keepsakes from my big day that I’ll continue to treasure for years to come and I love whenever SMP discovers new ideas – and we got a whole bunch of them for you ladies today! The Garter Girl is here to share her favorite ways to keep those memories alive; which ones do you plan on recreating?!


You have your mother’s (or grandmother’s) wedding dress, but you don’t want to wear it for your wedding. There are many unique ways to use this family heirloom at your wedding, such as turning the sleeve into a cover for your bouquet stems. Try cutting off the sleeve of the dress and using it as a wrap for your bridal bouquet. Many vintage wedding dresses actually had sleeves that were decorative with lace, beads and other trims. As a bouquet wraps, you’ll be able to carry a beautiful family heirloom with you on your wedding.


There is no wedding heirloom sweeter than a family photo. But instead of the traditional family group picture of everyone all lined up, what about recreating a photograph from your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding album? Is there a iconic photo of your parents on their wedding day? Try using the same pose or the same expression on your wedding day. You can contribute to a family memory and create a new tradition by recreating a wedding photograph and then putting it in a frame along with the old family photograph.


Once a scary thing that sent every unmarried wedding guest running for the bar or to hide in the restroom, the wedding garter is having a come back in a major way. But these bridal garters aren’t for tossing. Today’s wedding garters are pretty and elegant, designed to be modern heirlooms for saving as something special from a wedding day. Even better, the new wedding garter designs are meant to be passed onto future generations to come in your family.


Guest books of the past were just that, books that wedding guests signed upon entering the wedding. But who wants a book full of signatures? Modern guest books are creative and thoughtful. Today’s wedding guest books have taken a turn for the practical, into something that brides and grooms would actually use and enjoy well after the wedding is over. Think thumbprints on a canvas, a signed piece of furniture (or a canoe!), a jar filled with well wishes, or marriage advice to be opened up on anniversaries.


Sure, we’ve all heard of the first look where your photographer captures your expressions before you walk down the aisle to the ceremony. But what about a wedding day family first look! Your parents and siblings will be just as excited and full of emotion to see you on your wedding. After the first look with your fiance, ask your photographer about a first look for your family too. A family first look can create into those priceless wedding heirlooms you’ll cherish forever.


As your wedding ceremony unfolds or maybe during the cocktail hour of your wedding receptions, couples are opting for a live painter to come to their wedding to hand paint the event as it takes place. Not only is this an interactive and fun thing for your wedding guests, but the end result is a beautiful and very meaningful piece of artwork. This live painting is a unique wedding heirloom that you’ll be able to hang in your home forever.


Writing your own wedding vows is coming back in wedding ceremony vogue. More and more couples are investing wedding planning attention into every little thought and detail of how their wedding ceremony will unfold right down to the music, the guest seating and taking the time to write their own wedding vows. A hand calligraphed hardcover wedding vow book is a beautiful way to preserve your vows so that you can and look back and reread your vows and so can your children.


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