Desiree Hartsock Is Helping You Find The Right Dress For Your Figure
July 28, 2016
Hi, Brides! It's Desiree back again for more wedding fashion talk. Today we're breaking down dress fit, because a perfectly fitted gown makes all of the difference! I've seen it all when it comes to different shapes and sizes of women and I've come to know which details and styles work best for each shape. It’s important to understand and know your shape before dress shopping so that you can identify the features you'd like to highlight and the type of styles that'll flatter those features best!
I’ve listed different shapes below along with the most flattering silhouettes for each to help guide you along the way. Finding a wedding gown should never be about hiding or masking your shape but about enhancing and flattering every curve. Often times, what we have in mind for a dress doesn’t always live up to the hype once we try that particular style on so be open minded to the process of finding the perfect gown and don’t stop till you feel absolutely stunning in it!

Find Your Perfect Fit


If you have the Cameron Diaz shape, narrow hips without a definite natural waistline, then a ball gown or A-line style dress is a great choice. A ball gown and A-line silhouette will give you a cinched waistline while the fuller skirt will create a hourglass figure.


Like me, you are a pear shape if your upper body is smaller than your lower section. Modified A-line silhouettes are a slimmer version of a full A-line gown that hug the hips slightly before making the A-line shape in the skirt and work well for pear shaped women. This kind of silhouette shows off the small of the waist while slimming the hips and creating a flattering curve. If you are a pear shape who wants to show off your hips, buttocks or thighs, then fit-and- flare styles with a strapless, sweetheart neckline will offer a balanced and beautiful shape as well.


Women with an apple shape are more round in the mid-section and may not have a distinct waistline. Drop-waist dress styles that are fitted to the hip, before the A-line portion of the skirt, are very flattering on brides with this shape. The structure in wedding gowns will cinch in the smallest part of the waist creating a nice curved line from the waist to hip. The drop waist also slims and elongates the waist for a clean, streamline look. Another style that does wonders for the mid-section for an apple shaped woman is a gown with diagonal gathering (ruching) across the waist since the gathering enhances curves while flattering the mid-section.


Sheath gowns are a great option for thin brides. Many sheath gowns are made with a silky lining that can be hard to wear for many shapes, due to the lack of construction in them. The layer of lining is lightweight and offers comfort but also lies close to the body that a thin figure can pull off. Also, the flowy nature and movement of a sheath gown adds just enough to flatter the shape even more.


A trumpet or mermaid gown that has a seam slightly above or at the knee, where the skirt portion begins, looks great on tall brides because the proportion stays balanced from the waist to the hem. The same goes with any trumpet or mermaid style but the more height you have the easier it is to pull off more drama at the bottom of the skirt. The seam at the knee tends to break the overall silhouette up and can visually make a bride look shorter if she is already petite.


Streamline gowns without a horizontal break in them is best for a shorter bride. Depending on your overall shape (pear, apple, thin, curvy) the exact style may vary but less dress will enhance more of your natural shape when it comes to choosing a style for your height. Keep in mind that straps and beading at the neckline will also help create a taller silhouette.


If you have curves then I recommend showing them off! I have found that fit- and-flare silhouettes with gathering, beading, or a belt at the natural waistline creates the perfect shape for brides with curves. The detail at the waist offsets the curves on top and bottom enhancing a beautiful hourglass figure that will knock the socks off of your groom.

Happy Shopping!

xoxo, Desiree

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