Why You Need to Consider a Destination Wedding in Montenegro ASAP
July 23, 2016
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If the small Balkan country of Montenegro isn't on your radar yet, it will be the second you lay eyes on this gorgeous destination wedding from Thecablookfotolab. Julia and Konstantin's big day may look like an inspiration session, thanks to Wedding Montenegro, but rest assured, it is a real wedding. And you can pin every pretty moment from it now in The Vault!
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From Thecablookfotolab...I loved working on Julia and Kostya's wedding. Montenegro is an amazing country. I stayed with them 3 days: we were having fun, sunbathing, swimming in the pool, and taking pictures. All the wedding had this relaxed style and it was so good. I loved the villa where the ceremony took place: Villa Milocer, the view there on the sunset was just gorgeous. The ceremony itself was very touching and sincere.

Also one of my favourite things about this wedding is the bride's dress. It was from BHLDN and on Julia's body it was simply perfect as she has model's parameters.

From the Bride and Groom...Proposal (His version): It was totally surprise for her. I invited her to dinner to the fashionable Shato De Ize, a restaurant on the cliff between Nice and Monte Carlo. She was wearing a blouse and shorts. I haven't booked the table although I knew that the place is extremely popular. We were lucky as there was one free table. We ordered a set of seven dishes from the chef. I had a white paper bag with a "present" for her on our anniversary which was couple of days before. She thought that I would give her earrings or something like that. But when I knelt, she started to understand what was happening. And then I said: Honey, would you marry me? The answer was “yes” and people on the next table started to applause and ask questions. It was a best day in our lives.

Almost immediately we decided that we want to make a romantic wedding ceremony outside Russia. Our mind drew a picture of a green venue, where the surf of the sea can be heard, and the sun is surrounded by brightly colored sky. Moreover we wanted to join such an important day for us with the possibility to spend some longer than just weekend time with our closest friends and family. After going through wedding ceremony’s offerings in several countries, our attention was attracted by the magic of Montenegro. This country has become significant for us, considering the fact that we also spent there our first joint vacation. After choosing the country, I spent a lot of times reading different forums about weddings in Montenegro. This helped us choose the venue for wedding ceremony and banquet.

Choosing right agency and especially photographer I guess is 50% success of the wedding. The remaining 50% - your family and friends with whom you share this important day for you, and their mood.

The first one – the agency – is your eyes and hands, which helps you to realize all that you have in mind. Understanding each other without words is particularly important given the fact that you plan everything remotely from Moscow. Therefore it is very important to trust your wedding organizer.

Photographer - is a person from whom depend on how you will remember your day for years to come. For us it was very important that the photographer shared our views, tastes, she knew how to catch our mood, with whom you may feel easy and relaxed. Relationship with Dasha was almost at random, and we immediately fell in love with her photographs. Dasha lives in Italy and in her clear voice, we immediately felt something close, and her keen interest in photography and a great desire to move in this direction ultimately determined our choice. And we were right - we got not only great photos as a result, but also a wonderful friend at the wedding, which let us toast to the wedding table.

The venue determined the dream dress. It should be something very light, soft and romantic. Dozens of trips to the bridal salons with my friends were unsuccessful - I understand that all this is not mine. And then I decided to order a dress from the USA - the very thing in which I fell in love at the very beginning of their search. And when it flew towards me and I tried it on - I realized that this is it - my dream dress.

In morning of the wedding all the bridesmaids gathered in my room for breakfast. Girls pressed shirts, steamed dresses, we laughed a lot and were very positive. After all the gatherings we began the photo shoot - with laughing bridesmaids, impressive hugs with mum, brutal boys in suits...After the photo session we all went to the ceremony.

Under the sounds of Marry me - Train between rows of chairs with the guests she walks slowly, in stunning white dress for the meeting with her beloved...who stands in the arch, worrying and waiting for her...They exchanged rings and vows to each other…loud sounds of applause greeted the husband and the wife.

After the ceremony, there was a banquet at Adrovic terrace restaurant overlooking the peninsula of Sveti Stefan. Throughout the evening guests were dancing - young and old, saying toasts, clinking of glasses did not stop...And everyone was really happy!

On return to our villa we ran into a surprise - an after party, which our friends have prepared for us. They have prepared slips - a variety of tests for us. From physical exercises to the questions that we raised synchronously homemade signs, which answer the question this does "he" or "she."

The greatest gift of fate - those wonderful people that surround you. Even if they are not always nearby physically, but their incredible support through thousands of kilometers gives wings and strength. Our wedding guests came from all over the world - Canada, the Netherlands, Latvia, Italy...and we were incredibly happy, knowing that all of them came to share with us this important day in our lives!

Do not forget that first and foremost it is YOUR day! And do not let anything or anyone to spoil it. Nerves and emotions will always be there - but you must immediately abstract away from it all. The night before wedding ceremony me and the groom took the car with an open roof, my bridesmaids put for us a bottle of champagne with glasses in jockey box...and we left. We enjoyed the bright starry sky, murmur of the sea…and each other. And that's exactly what we needed after a long wedding preparation.

From Wedding Montenegro...An unforgettable day for a beautiful loving couple Julia and Konstantin, a day, when everything came together – the deepest feelings, tears of happiness and a whole sea of flowers!

The couple chose Montenegro as their destination wedding place for a reason – here, in the country of the high blue mountains and the endless sea, here each corner whispers about love!

Julia and Konstantin contacted our agency about half a year before their wedding date, that is why we had all the time needed to think through all the wedding details and make the special day truly magic. The newlyweds decided to choose Milocer park for their venue – this is the famous former residence of the kings, which is surrounded by pine trees and is situated right on the shore of the Adriatic sea. The wedding color theme Marsala perfectly toned with the parks greenery. The ceremony was held in the heart of the park in the shadow of the pine trees. The place where the newly-weds brought their vows to each other was decorated with beautiful columns with ancient vases winded round by ivy. The path to the vases was laid out with rose pedals in a tracery print. Julia looked just amazing in her light streaming dress walking light steps over the rose pedals towards her future happiness.

The ceremony was symbolic, but the atmosphere helped realizing the importance of the moment – the registrar, signs in the wedding certificate and the mutual vows of eternal love. And of course the magic sounds of the sea waves and the fascinating Montenegrin nature. The bridesmaids were all dressed in similar color dresses with garlands on their heads and the grooms friends were all in the same bow-ties. That gave a real charm to the wedding ceremony and the photo session. The dinner was to be not far away from the park, in one of the best restaurants of the Adriatic coast overlooking the magnificent island of Sveti Stefan. The tables were decorated with the marsala colors, wild pomegranates and grapes that helped adding a luxury accent to the whole evening. The photo zone was a hall of memories of Julia and Konstantin, because it was all covered up in photographs from their mutual trips around the world. One of the greatest surprises of the evening was the concert of a famous Montenegrin singer, a participant of the Eurovision song contest – Nina Zizic. There was a lot of dancing during the night, with the memorable first dance of the newly-weds, the couple changed into dancing costumes and expressed all their true love in that dance. Without any doubt the cake was a real unforgettable moment – vivid red color sweet masterpiece!

Julia and Konstantin are an incredible couple, positive loving, young and beautiful, looking straight in the same direction and holding hands firmly! Such a day will stay in their memory for always! And we are honored that we could help making that day perfect!
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