Saturday Morning Movie: Traditional Mexican Hacienda Wedding
July 23, 2016
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Happy Saturday morning! No need to attack that to-do list just yet; it's the weekend and you deserve a break (am I right or am I right!?). So pour a second cup of coffee and settle in for some good vibes with this wedding clip courtesy of Light Cannon Films. It has transatlantic love, a gorgeous gown and a sweet, emotional Mother of the Groom - what more could you ask for?

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From Light Cannon Films... When Ana called us over a year before her wedding and asked us to be a part of her big day in Mexico City, it seemed like a dream. But it didn't get any more real as the day approached; and the actual wedding was the most surreal part. Not only did we have the thrill of seeing another culture's celebration of love, we got a glimpse into the lives of two people who we will never forget.

Ana and Evan met in Paris while both studying abroad, but it wasn't until their tour was almost over that they realized they didn't want to be apart. So, Evan vowed to buy a ticket to visit Ana in Mexico City, a promise Ana didn't yet understand the depth of. Evan held true to his word and immersed himself in Ana's world, even learning Spanish and working for her father. When they faced obstacles that came from an international relationship, they overcame them. When they could have easily decided it would be simpler to part ways and live their separate lives, they held fast to each other and came out stronger.

It's no wonder that their wedding day was the most epic beginning to the Perrys' forever. From a riverboat rainstorm to a traditional church in the heart of Mexico City, to a breathtaking vintage hacienda for a reception that lasted all night, their rehearsal and wedding was a non-stop celebration of two becoming one.