Relive All Those Ballerina Dreams With This Inspired Wedding Shoot
July 19, 2016
Mid Atlantic
Spring Weddings
Disclaimer: I danced for 14+ years and in the time since I stopped putting my pointe shoes on, my love for the art has never waned. So East Made Event Company's scene is straight out of my dreams, complete with real ballerinas - and newlyweds - and pretty pieces from Paisley & Jade. Josh Gooden filmed the beauty and our Vault is looking mighty fine with all these twirls. And so, Love by Serena, enough with my fawning; can I please order prints of all of these pics pretty please?
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From Love by Serena... We were so lucky to be able to work with talented professional ballet dancers from the Richmond Ballet, Valerie and Kirk Henning. Newlyweds themselves, Valerie and Kirk wed last summer at the Carpenter Theater in Richmond.

You may recognize the couple from this viral video of Kirk and his groomsmen performing an 8-minute choreographed dance for Valerie at their wedding. If you haven't seen it before, you must watch!

From Josh & Serena... The concept for this shoot began with one word: movement. We had been longing to collaborate on a piece that was centered around the love of two dancers.

Josh was inspired by the emotional side of dancing. The beginning of the film centers on the isolation and subtle movement before the two lovers meet. A combination of pronounced cinematic movement and raw "handheld" camera work strives to convey a dance of both elegance and emotion.

From East Made Event Company... In addition to being a wedding planner, I am a professionally-trained classical violist with the Richmond Symphony, and loved the idea of designing a shoot around an artistic musical theme. The Branch Museum of Architecture and Design in Richmond, Virginia provided a stunning location with ceiling-high windows and beautiful marble floors. We used all three main rooms within the museum so we could take advantage of the streaming sunlight and antique feel.

For the shoot details, I used shades of dusty lilac, fig, and muted gold to create a spring color palette with a touch of black. Alexandra Grecco had just designed a delicate lilac cami and skirt which fit into our theme perfectly and provided contrast to the flowy, ivory Elizabeth Dye gown. We focused greatly on the concept of movement: how the gowns would react as our model danced, the cascading table linens, the diagonal florals and cake pattern, and the hand-marbled paper and sheet music calligraphy envelope liner. My goal was to have every element of the shoot have a purpose and connection to our dancing couple.

I was incredibly impressed by how much attention and care all of our vendors brought to this shoot. I hope these photos and video will inspire you to attend a ballet, symphony concert, or other live performance and take pleasure in the live beauty of music, dance, and art.