Don't RSVP 'Yes' If Your Date Plans on Wearing Any of These 10 Items
July 18, 2016
While some outfits are good for engagement session, not every option makes the cut for formal wear. Case in point? You and your beau are attending your first wedding of the season, but when you peer in his closet you're encountered with a limited options. Which is where we come in, here's a list of what your beloved should absolutely NOT wear to any wedding, no matter what the dress code may be.

What not to wear to a wedding

ONE | Baseball cap, or any hat that isn't formal

TWO | Sneakers, you're not running a marathon, you're just dancing

THREE | Scuffed shoesbecause honestly this is just sloppy

FOUR | Man flops, because the happy couple doesn't need to see an un-manicured man foot 

FIVE | Distressed denim, this is more VMA than big day

SIX | Short sleeve dress shirts, opt for a button-up and roll the sleeves if you're toasty

SEVEN | Crazy prints, because nothing is dizzier in a picture than a loud Hawaiian shirt 

EIGHT | Jorts (Jean shorts), it's a wedding not a fraternity party 

NINE | Cargo pants, it's not survival school so there really is no need to store snacks in your pockets for later 

TEN | T-shirts of the cotton variety (an even bigger taboo if they include graphics), it's a formal event so be sure leave the casual shirts in the closet 

Now that we've outlined a few of the 'unacceptable' items, it's only fair that we show you some prime examples of what to wear. Scroll below and see how a few handsome guests show off their personal style all while adhering to a variety of dress codes!