#SMPWedding101 - Why You Should Have Hair + Makeup Done For Your Engagement Shoot
July 15, 2016
I love my engagement pics. They were fun and fabulous and a great way to get comfy in front of the camera before our big day. Only regret? I wish I'd had someone spruce up my hair and makeup. It would have been the little touch that made all the difference. If only I'd heard makeup artist Carly Pribich's wise words beforehand; as a proponent of having your makeup professionally done for your e-shoot, she'll have you convinced in no time! See below for all the reasons why!

Reason #1

Makeup artists know how to design looks that translate well on camera. This way everything will look fresh and beautiful. We are aware of how products and color will show up in different lighting, seasons, times of day and coordinate with your outfit. This is important because not all products look the same as they do in person on every individual.

Reason #2

Looks by makeup artists are designed for longevity – this way you won’t have to worry about constantly touching up or worrying if your makeup will last. I always call my prep and priming for my clients the “infrastructure of the look” because that's what really sets apart a professional - ensuring their look will last.

Reason #3

It’s a great excuse to have your hair and makeup done for a special occasion! You still want to look like yourself and this a nice way to enhance that in a more polished way, with the advice and expertise of an artist to work with you to help create that look. A makeup artist can highlight your best features so that they are enhanced in person and on camera. I often work with clients who prefer a more natural look (my favorite) and this is such a great opportunity for me as an artist to selectivity enhance certain features that I can play up for the camera but they don't look or feel overdone.

Reason #4

It’s a confidence booster – most of my brides-to- be haven’t had their photos professionally taken and are a little nervous. Having your makeup and hair done makes you feel more put together - and it’s a chance to be pampered too!

Reason #5

It’s an investment for your photos! You’ll look like the best version of yourself and have these photos to cherish throughout the years. You may not always be looking directly at the makeup every time you see them, but you will remember how effortlessly beautiful and confident you felt!
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