A Soap Opera Star's Wedding That's Better Than Any Daytime TV Love Story
July 13, 2016
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While there's no doubt that this Bride's beauty will catch your attention, there's something else about her that struck me immediately. You see, I grew up watching Days of our Lives and this here is none other than Nadia Bjorlin aka Chloe Lane. And I now adore her even more after reading her love story that's so much better than any soap opera plot line out there. Sarah Kate captured her and her Irish Groom's special day creating a Vault gallery that sparkles - see it all here!
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From the Groom... Nadia and Grant met by shear and utter chance! Grant was scheduled to go to New York the day before Valentines Day when his Virgin America flight was cancelled due to the Polar Vortex in 2014. A last minute call came in for Grant to host a Valentines Day dinner in the Hollywood Hills. Nadia, who was the best friend with the owner of the house, was spending her first Valentines Day single for over eight years. While at the Valentines party, Nadia just so happened to bump right into Grant. As the night went on, Grant was struck by her shear beauty and literally felt like it was love at first sight. After a short conversation and a few cocktails, Grant asked where Nadia was from and what she did in the city (Nadia plays Chloe on "Days of Our Lives" which never aired in Ireland, where Grant is from, so he had no idea who she was). Once Grant realized Nadia was Swedish he spoke to her in the language, as he spent six months in architecture school in the south of Sweden, and this only made the immediate connection stronger! Long story short, Grant asked Nadia to unlock her phone as he “wanted to show her something” and then added his number to her phone and texted himself Nadia’s number. One week later they went on a date, three months later they moved in together. Grant took Nadia to an Irish Childrens charity event where the main prize for the raffle was a trip to Ireland. Grant purchased two raffle tickets and miraculously won! In August, Grant took Nadia home to meet his family. They traveled to the north coast where all of the "Game of Thrones" scenes are shot and sat on the edge of the Giants Causeway, a nature reserve in Northern Ireland. In one fell swoop he whipped out a ring and confessed his undying love to Nadia and his desire to be with her forever and have lots of babies! Grant and Nadia tied the knot in Palm Springs at the beautiful Colony 29 compound. The ceremony was under a beautiful arch surrounded by friends and family in the garden and the reception was close by under a beautiful tent!

The greatest part of the day for the couple was seeing everyone at the dinner from Sweden, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, the US, and even Africa. The environment at Colony 29 is that of a dream - Wolfgang Puck cooked an incredible meal for all. But most important was the look on their faces when they knew they both found each other and vowed their love in front of friends and family.
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