A Laid-Back Wedding With So Much Heart. See Why We Adore These Grooms!
July 11, 2016
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This morning we're taking a little trip to rural Tennessee for a wedding with so much heart we can hardly stand it. These two grooms set out to plan their "perfectly imperfect" celebration with Stunning Events by their side, the end result was a day overflowing with love. Kristin Sweeting captured and there's lots more right this way.
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From The Groom...Mike and I knew from the start that we wanted our wedding day to be above all a celebration of love. We of course didn't have the most storybook relationship and we knew that we didn't want to have a storybook wedding, but we did want all of our closest family and friends to know and share in our love for each other. After a very long engagement, which itself took place in the presence of a small group of family and friends, we quickly set to work in planning the biggest day of our lives. We almost immediately settled on a spring wedding due to its association with renewal and life. With a spring wedding planned, we couldn't bear the thought of getting married indoors, so it was relatively easy from there to land on Arrington Vineyards in Arrington, Tennessee as our venue. The site offered tons of space for our celebration, along with flexibility in planning.

Neither of us are formal people--we are most comfortable in gym clothes with a small group of friends. We wanted this casual vibe to be present in our wedding but in an elegant way--we wanted the day to be care-free for us and our guests while emphasizing elements of simple beauty. We chose blues, whites, and grays as our theme mostly because we knew that they would flow well with the background of spring in Tennessee. From there, it was mostly a matter of choosing our vendors and sharing our vision with them. Many of the people who helped us pull off our biggest day were already our friends, and those who weren't became our friends during the process. Our two biggest life savers in the whole process were definitely our wedding planner, Kristin Kaplan of Stunning Events, and Kristin Sweeting of Kristin Sweeting Photography. Both were so easy to work with while maintaining a high degree of professionalism. There were definitely hiccups along the way, but these two in particular were right there to smooth them over.

In the end, our wedding day was perfectly imperfect. Our wedding party all looked beautiful, our florals were stunning, the food was delicious, the band was rowdy, the drinks were strong, and the rain held off until the final declaration and then let up right after cocktail hour. Our friends and family were able to celebrate with us for a whole night with more than enough smiles to go around. And the love, which we worked so hard to be able to show to the world, was given right back to us in overflowing abundance.