Stop Lusting over Pinterest, Grace Loves Lace is coming to LA!
July 8, 2016
For all of you stateside brides pinning your hearts out with one beautiful gown after another from Grace Loves Lace (ahem, all of you), we've got some exciting news. Because those totally unique gowns you sooo adore?  They're coming to LA... for good.  Think an entire showroom filled with your dream frocks about, umm, 14 hours closer.  Start celebrating now, 'cause this.is.happening, loves.
Located on the hippest block in Los Angeles, Abbot Kinney, Grace Loves Lace's new showroom is basically everything you've ever wanted when it comes to your gown shopping experience.  I'm talking one fabulously modern frock after another from the design team that knows all there is to know about wow-worthy gowns that will really and truly make a statement.  From their flattering + stunning silhouettes to their show-stopping details (hello, contemporary capes, sand-washed silks and French Chantilly lace) to their handcrafted touches that are one part contemporary and one part classic chic.
The Grace Loves Lace Flagship Showroom opened its doors on July 5, 2016 at 1510 Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, which means you can make an appointment NOW by visiting Grace Loves Lace Bookings.  Trust us, you'll be blown away by the jaw-droppingly gorgeous gowns AND their top-notch customer service.  Not to mention their exclusive Showroom offer, which gives you the chance to win your entire look if you book and purchase in the month of July.  This is soooo exciting, y'all... visit Grace Loves Lace Bookings TODAY to get your fashion on.