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A Braided Updo For Bridal Showers And Beyond
July 6, 2016
What's better than an ultra chic up-do that you did all on your own? Uhm, nothing. Take this braided beauty from Keri Bette that's everything but boring. It's one part heavenly halo of hair, one part part chignon, and all parts totally to-die-for, and we've got the breakdown on how you can get this look styled by The Well Styled Life and captured by Justine Milton below.

Start with freshly brushed, clean hair. Using a curling iron or blowdryer to create a soft bend in the hair will allow the hair to move with more ease into the style.

Section the hair across the head from ear to ear. Back comb hair from the crown of the head to the middle of the back of head. Using the same backcombing brush, smooth the the backcombed section so it lays smooth on the surface. Pinch the ends of the backcombed section together and secure by crossing two bobby pins.

Moving to the front of the head, create a side part from mid eyebrow to crown. The side with the majority of hair, pick up a triangular section of hair right along the part at the hairline. Start your french braid.


Your french braid will consist of three sections of hair. Cross the outside section over the center section, then cross the outside section on the other side over your new middle section. Repeat these steps again, adding a small section of hair on the outside of the braid to each outside section. Continue this down the side of the head. When you reach the bottom of the ear, continue your braid, only picking up hair to add to the top outside section. Secure braid with clear elastic and start to pull apart the braid, moving from top to bottom to create texture.

Once you are satisfied with the amount of texture you have created in the braid, pin the braid to the head. Do this by keeping the rigid edge of the bobby pin facing down, place the opening of the bobby pin against the head and turn downwards against head to secure. Do this on either side of the braid with 3- 4 pins. NOTE: do not open the pin. This will pick up too much hair and cause the bobby pin to push itself out. The small opening on the pin allows the proper amount of hair to be picked up for a secure hold.

Keep a 1" section along the nape hair line. With the rest of the hair below the braid, backcomb from root to end. Smooth the under side of this section so the surface is smooth. Pinch together end of the section of hair and roll hair up to the head. Secure by inserting bobby pins into either side of the roll.

Take the remaining 1" of hair and smooth over the roll.

Using the bobby pin technique of placing the opening against the head and scooping downwards, do this along the entire top of the roll, securing the 1" of hair over the roll. Use as many pins as needed, approximatley 8-10 pins.

Use that same bobby pin technique to close the sides of the roll to the head and VOILA!
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