How Much Should You Really Spend On a Wedding Present?
July 2, 2016
Wedding registries can be overwhelming, for both the couple and the guest. You can always hit up our SMP Registry guide to walk you through step-by-step, but today we're here to set the record straight on how much to spend once you set out shopping for that perfect gift. While there's no exact science and certainly no "wrong" amount, we've laid out some helpful spending guidelines to clear up the confusion.

How Much Should You Spend?

$75 to $100

  • Your acquaintance whose invite has you asking, "Why on earth was I invited?"

  • Your distant cousin who you only see once a year at the holidays

  • Your parents' best friend's child that you've known for forever

  • Your sorority sister you haven't spoken to since graduation

  • Your frenemy (you love her, you hate her, you know the drill)

$100 to $150

  • Your co-worker, a.k.a. your work wife or work husband

  • Your good friend whom you grab brunch with from time to time

  • Your friend who's getting lucky in love with marriage number two

$150 to $200

  • Your best friend since when you thought boys had cooties

  • Your best friend who you'd get matching tattoos with (if you were ever going to get a tattoo)

More than $200

  • Your brother or sister (no matter how close you are)

  • Your soulmate best friend (the Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte to your Carrie)