How I Stuck To My Wedding Budget (Spreadsheets And All!)
July 1, 2016
You might remember Jenna of Visions of Vogue as the bride with the dress we're still obsessing over. And today she's back to share how in the world she pulled off that dream wedding and actually stuck to a budget. She's getting into the nitty gritty numbers game along with the spreadsheet kept her on track. Brides, this post is one to bookmark and keep forever.
From Jenna... Wedding budgets are usually the last thing a bride wants to think about. Numbers? Yuck. Expenses and bills? Even worse. A budget has none of the glitz, none of the glamour, and most importantly, no pretty Pinterest photos. Coming off our wedding last year, my engaged friends have been asking me for budgeting tips - I loved the process (and even that might be an understatement)! So, I'm excited to share what helped me today!

*Download my budget template*

Get to know Microsoft Excel. I can hear the groans now but I promise it will be your best friend and do all the unpleasant math for you! You don't need to be a pro - just get acquainted with it. Give it a little hello and just get started.

List out every single thing you think you might want on your wedding day (in column A). Things will change (be okay with that) but this doubles as a little to do list to keep you organized. It's pretty fun to put all your dreamy ideas on paper too. The template has a sample list of items that we had for our big day but every wedding is unique so add and delete as needed!

Estimate costs (in column B). This was one of the most difficult things to stomach because you're signing yourself up for some pretty big expenses! Don't worry if your estimate isn't exact - it will help you put things in perspective as you finalize pricing. It will also help you subconsciously stay on budget. If you overspend in one area, maybe underspend in another to offset. Once you've filled out your line items, don't be alarmed at the total. Weddings are an investment but with these steps, it will be easier to manage!

Prioritize. Pick 3 items that are really important to you and your fiancé on your wedding day. Splurge on those and save on the rest. Ours were food, drinks, and DJ - the critical elements to throwing a great party! As a style blogger, my dress ranked a very close 4th!

Keep track of your payments (in column C). Each time you make a payment, add it in. This will help you and your vendors keep track of costs which makes for a much calmer bride! This may seem like a lot at first but I promise that as soon as you start to see the amount owed decrease (in column D which fills out automatically!), you will feel a sense of accomplishment.
Hopefully, these steps will help you as you plan your wedding day! Brides have enough things to stress about already and tracking your wedding budget shouldn't be one of them. 

xoxo, Jenna

*Download my budget template*

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