This Yosemite Engagement Will Convice You to Marry Ontop of a Mountain
June 16, 2016
In case you were doubting fate, Womo and Yushan are here to prove a theory. Said theory? That it actually exists. For it was a chance encounter that these two together met and golly are we giddy they did. Because the beauty that these two created shortly after is absolutely unreal. A mountaintop engagement with Kristine Herman Photography behind the lens that you're sure to love. See it all in The Vault!
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From Kristine Herman Photography... It was one of those at the right place, at the right time type of meetings. Fate as some people would call it. There was a get together for students and Womo decided to go, even though he wasn't technically a student, and that's where he met Yushan.

Womo knew he wanted to make their engagement special and came up with an idea that described the two of them perfectly. As described by Womo, Yushan might forget where she placed a thing or two and he decided to play with that. He had given her a promise ring before and asked her why she never wears it anymore. So Yushan went on a hunt for the ring and when she found it in the bathroom, womo had switched it with an engagement ring! He then got down on one knee and asked Yushan to marry him. Before saying yes she stated are you really proposing to me in the bathroom?!

Because Womo and Yushan are avid travelers, we decided to take a trip to Yosemite National Park for their engagement. It ended up being the nicest day in the valley and of course that meant the most people I've ever seen in Yosemite! This meant every person walking by would stop and congratulate the two.

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