Why You Need a Vintage Engagement Ring + 5 Secrets to Find the Perfect One
June 15, 2016
One of the biggest trends in engagement rings this season is the resurgence of romantic vintage-inspired details and antique rings. And when it comes to authentic, one-of-a-kind engagement rings with a rich history and timeless style, there's no better place to look than Trumpet & Horn. They're sharing with us why you should consider a vintage ring and the five secrets to finding the perfect one!

They're Eco-Friendly

Vintage rings are the most eco-friendly choice when it comes to engagement rings. When you choose vintage, there is no extra mining or labor that is required to make a ring for you, so you can rest assured you are making a near-zero impact on the environment.


They're Conflict-Free

Vintage rings, by their nature, are conflict-free. The conflict that “conflict-free” diamonds refer to began generally as early as the 1970’s. Rings that were already completed pieces before the 1970’s were not involved in the conflict in any way, which is a very easy and fool-proof way to guarantee that a ring is conflict-free.

They Can Be Less Expensive

Vintage rings can be less expensive because they require no extra mining or labor, so those costs are not passed on to the consumer. Sometimes, when newly made rings are very cheap (or cheaper than a similar vintage ring), it may be because the stones they use are poor quality, bought in bulk, and made into rings overseas in countries with labor laws that are less strict that the US, which drives down the price.

They're One-of-a-Kind

Vintage rings are often one-of-a-kind or very close to it. Most new rings are made in big production runs to drive down the cost of manufacturing, so there are many rings that all look exactly the same that go to market. With vintage, many if not most pieces are one-offs. Especially with older vintage/antique rings, stones were chosen first and the settings were crafted by hand to perfectly fit the chosen stone(s).


They're Works Of Art

Vintage rings are wearable works of art. They were hand-made by artisans (sometimes over 100 years ago!) without electricity and the modern tools that are used to churn out rings on a massive scale in today’s market. Each was lovingly crafted by an artist from design to completion, rather than computer generated and pieced together to make a completed product by many different teams, sometimes in several different countries. We believe this makes vintage rings extra special, like a little piece of art history that you can wear on your hand.

What to Keep In Mind When Shopping

  1. Shop within your budget! Don’t ever let a salesperson pressure you.

  2. Ask lots of questions. If you’re hearing terms that you’re unfamiliar with, ask!

  3. Make sure the company you are buying from will let you return or exchange the ring if she doesn’t love it.

  4. If you’re shopping online, make sure the company is reputable and offers free shipping and returns.

  5. There may be vintage or antique stores in your area, which is a good place to start. See what style of rings you gravitate towards, and ask the salesperson if these rings are from a particular era or all have similar elements. Shopping online usually means a much bigger variety of rings to choose from, so do both.

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