See the True Meaning of La Dolce Vita with this Lake Como Wedding
June 14, 2016
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I dream of traveling to Lake Como, the Italian city synonymous with beauty and glamour. And this wedding, captured by Thecablookfotolab, embodies all the luxury and romance that is Lake Como. With a romantic ceremony overlooking the lake and an al fresco reception on the Villa LaCorte Del Lago’s gorgeous grounds, this destination wedding is the very definition of la dolce vita. See why in The Vault!
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From Thecablookfotolab...Autumn on the Como lake is as beautiful as summer. Or even more beautiful? It's not as hot as in summer and you can breathe normally) I think that the real fall in Italy starts much later, in the end of October. And before it it's the most pleasant and lovely time "after summer".

Alevtina and Timur are a wonderful couple! They are super calm and super romantic. To tell the truth, I've never seen such a calm bride. Calm and sweet, that's how I can describe her. They chose the perfect location: villa "La corte del lago" that is situated exactly near water on the lake Como. I loved the ceremony, the bride going down the alley backlighted with sun, the elegant and simple decor, the aperitif on the terrace facing the lake and the dinner with one long table. I felt so cozy there, like it was the wedding of one of my friends. That's the kind of weddings that I really love doing.

From The Bride...For us it was a long journey across cities, countries and continents. What a better place to start than London, back in the spring of 2011 we met during one of my short trips. It's a small world and of course we already had a few friends in common. Friday night at its best in Chelsea and we found a common language straight away. Perhaps I was too nice and willing to listen to all that clever stuff, however kindness and genuineness gave away that special person. Afternoon walks and "feeding" squirrels in the Regents park started our path to friendship. But it was not straightforward, he already signed to reallocate to Singapore and as we have met once more in Moscow, we were both afraid this was the last time. But we were determined to stay in touch, even across thousands of miles. Through the year there were many conversations about everything going on to the very early hours in the morning, mind the 4 hour difference.

As destiny had it, I mentioned a planned trip to Austria with my friends. Little did I expect, he flew over from other side of the world to join me. What choice did we had but to fall in love over the New Year celebrations in the snow? Happiness came with a pinch of salt as it is really hard to be in the long distance relationship. How could have I resisted to fly over to see him in Singapore and get away for a week in remote island in Borneo? We had to make it work on the long term and we did...

More challenges were ahead of us to overcome. First reallocation, living together, then finding a career path in the new city, and many others. But we always stuck together and made our home in Singapore. Three years after we met, a dinner at Brasserie Les Saveurs at St Regis, it was almost empty with only jazz band sharing their passion for music. Of course I said "yes", there was no need for anything as I felt complete, happy and ready to star our new journey.

Now it made all the sense to plan a destination wedding. Given our families are in Moscow, lots of friends in London and colleagues in Singapore, Europe offered best middle ground. By luck we struck an offering of weddings in Italy and I remembered of my amazing ex colleague, Asya, that became a wedding planner in Italy at ItalianEasyWedding. It took us a year to put everything together, with of course a lot of help from Asya, who was the most understanding and supporting person ever! We have picked mid-September, at Corte de Lago, lake Como. Just 6 month before the wedding we managed to travel to Milan together and met all people involved the process in person. It was a relief that Villa was perfect, especially as we could have all of the family staying over the weekend. The florists easily was on the same page with ideas that I had in mind. Food...There is just no point in describing, it's Italy. Of course you can't leave Milan and not to go shopping.

It was a truly special day! All of our dearest people in the whole world came together to celebrate one of the happiest moments in our lives. Looking back it felt like it all went too fast but we were definitely enjoying every minute and for sure will remember that day for many more years to go.

From Italian Easy Wedding...We have started with the preparation of this sophisticated wedding about 1 year and a half before. The bride Alevtina wanted some special location, the one with not only nice villa and view, but also with the beautiful territory - not very small and not too big, where you can divide zones for the welcome, aperitif, ceremony and dinner. Surprisingly, the villa chosen was the one, we did’t visited personally together with the bride. So I was very worried if the couple would like it or not, as they have seen it in real only one day before the wedding. I was happy they loved it!

All the flowers and decor chosen were in blush, light pink and ivory colors in style of elegant shabby chic. The arch was made of whitened wood and hints of flowers together with the lanterns with the falling garland on the way of the bride. We made a long imperial table for about 60 guests facing the lake in front of the villa. At the beginning it was hidden from the guests’ eyes with the nice fabric, which we opened just before the dinner. For the cut of the cake the guests were waiting the couple making a corridor with the sparkles in their hands. These simple but bright and happy things add additional magic to the moment.
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