The Prettiest Way You Can Use Faux Flowers on Your Big Day
June 13, 2016
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Flowers are one of my favorite parts of any wedding — the enchanting aroma, stunning colors and natural beauty set the tone for a gorgeous day. But for this Bride and Groom, wild and loose florals in soft, dusty pink hues weren’t enough so they used over-the-top paper roses for an unforgettable first look. The result is an added touch of whimsy in this light-hearted and romantic Healdsburg day. See it all from Hannah Suh Photography and Wonderland Cinema in The Vault!
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From The Bride...The dream venue we searched for was an authentic garden meets barn property that felt cozy & humble yet naturally stunning. Healdsburg Country Gardens - there you have it -- a place that did not need an ounce of decoration to take your breath away.

Our goal was to create a celebration that reflected us in every detail - our relationship being silly & fun, the things we love like travel & food, and being on a big vacation with those closest to us. We leaned away from choosing a set theme in the decor, although looking back it ended up with a rustic, whimsical, elegant feel. We hoped the day would feel warm, personal, light-hearted, delicious, and romantic in every way - and kept the focus on just that.

We added elements that we felt would enhance the beauty of HCG while feeling special to us. We decided to tread lightly around the social norms of weddings – tradition with flair we called it. The wedding touches ranged from Sonoma olive oil from our first trip together there, hashtag blocks from a market in our home city of Boston, a Reason mashup of songs to tie to our new last name, my closet collection of ridiculous items in the photo booth, vodka shipped from Nantucket with local farm jam, and a whole lot of glow sticks to top off the night.

Outside of the wedding day, it was important that our guests’ experience felt comfortable & convenient throughout the weekend. Instead of a rehearsal dinner, we opted for a welcome party at Rodney Strong Vineyards with a reggae band, lawn games, outdoor pizza oven, and wine tasting party. Instead of letting the wedding head to the bars after and scatter, we had an after party at h2hotel and setup karaoke, cards against humanity, & jenga to help keep the night entertained. Rather than a brunch the next day, we had a low key meet up at Francis Ford Coppola winery pool.

Our recommendation is to create a day & weekend that you two will enjoy first and foremost! Think about what you remember most at weddings and what matters to you both, and start there. Your wedding is a unique creation that comes together as you go. Let one decision influence the next. At the end of the day, it’s just an awesome party to celebrate two people in love! Make it perfect to you - and it will feel perfect to everyone.