Proof Rain on Your Wedding Day Leads to Pretty Things
May 20, 2016
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It's decided, this couple has the cutest history ever. For their first meeting? In the church nursery as babies. And the celebration that followed years later? Monumental. A day filled with elegance, raindrops, and endless love, When He Found Her and Paperback Films captured it all to share. See it all in The Vault!
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From The Bride...Anthony and I met each other in high school although, as my parents remind us, our first official meeting was in the church nursery as babies. While we dated in high school, it wasn’t until we reconnected as adults, that we knew it would be forever. Family means everything to Anthony and I, and when he chose to propose in my childhood kitchen, with my parents and siblings all around us, I couldn’t have been happier. From the beginning of our engagement, we knew we wanted to have an outdoor wedding. I loved the contrast between a natural rustic setting, intertwined with elegant elements such as chandeliers and lush florals. Unfortunately, neither of us are particularly creative, and we quickly became overwhelmed with options for décor. We were so thankful to find our planner, Alexandra of Forever Wildfield. She understood, often intuitively, what we wanted and brought our vision to life. For our colour scheme, we settled on shades of nudes and pastels. When our planner, who was also our florist, suggested Café au Lait Dahlias for our September wedding date, I fell in love with their soft, romantic blooms. These flowers became even more special when Alexandra, who shares our values of sustainability, was able to grow a lot go them in her own wedding garden! For my own attire, I was never much of a believer in the notion that once you found the right dress you would ‘feel it’, but my experience ended up being exactly that. I tried on at least 40 dresses and, although I loved all of them, I always felt as though I needed to keep looking “just in case”. When I found my Lazaro gown, I knew instantly that I had found my dress. I loved the uniqueness of the ruffles and how the beading sparkled but didn’t overwhelm the dress. When I was told that the designer could customize the bodice, to create a strapless version, I knew it was the one. As quickly as we planned our wedding details with Alexandra, our wedding date approached and then it was here! My most vivid memory of the entire wedding day was watching our bridesmaids walk into the ceremony. So much of our day had been based around sunny, warm weather, so when Mother Nature dealt us unseasonably cold temperatures and a consistent downpour the entire day, she threw a wrench into many of our plans. My parents and I stood for the bridal procession, hands linked, watching each bridesmaid step out into the rain, helpers doing their best to keep water off of them as they walked towards the marquee tent, the umbrellas kept catching in the twinkle lights strung in the trees above and the girls were slipping around in their heels on the wet walkway. Yet, despite the chaos, everyone was smiling and laughing hysterically. In a moment filled with so much anticipation and significance, it was truly magical to laugh with the people I love the most. If I had to offer words of wisdom to other brides, it would be that, no matter how much planning you put into your day, there will likely always be something that doesn’t go exactly according to plan. But, as we learned first hand, there is a beauty in these moments and they can create some of the most treasured memories of the day.