Muted Earth Tones Inspired This Wedding Day Design
May 17, 2016
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When a dreamy garden estate plays backdrop to your big day, you sit back and let the scenery speak for itself. And that's exactly what this couple did as they approached the design of their big day. Opting for a sea of muted earth tones to compliment the setting, they fully embraced the natural beauty around them and soaked in every second. Read on for their story, and don't miss the gallery from Elate Photo.
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From The Bride...The wedding design itself was inspired by all things romantic. We tried in every way possible to tie in the romantic and timeless beauty that is found in earth tones, accenting these tones with dulled silver. We wanted our special day to be not one of glitz and shimmer but one that reflected the true organic beauty of love. Our desire was for our guests to feel a sense of warmth and authenticity in every part of the night. We accomplished this vision by having our guest gathered around us at our wedding ceremony so that they felt they were involved in the ceremony. We wanted the reception to have a sense of community. We made this possible by having our guests seated at twenty-four foot long tables that encouraged conversation and connection. We asked our amazing DJ, Bryan Thrane of pacific Entertainment, to encourage the guests to talk to each other which he did through a game where they had to nominate someone at the table to share a story about us. This brought the sweetest sense of community and love to the day.

At our ceremony, we asked some of our friend Lauren Krippner sing old hymns as we partook in the communion and foot washing ceremony which truly were great highlights of our ceremony. White cathedral candles brought a traditional and romantic feel to the outdoor venue that we chose. Having our whole bridal party in grey was of great importance to us as we liked how timeless grey was in comparison to a hue of vibrant color. Hand-poured soy candles as favors were our way of sending a piece of our wedding home with our guests. We hand-collected each jar, peeled the adhered sticker off, fragranced the wax, poured candles for our guests to take home. We asked our friend Maddie Seling to help us hand-paint personalized signs for both the ceremony and reception. I had picked all the item on the menu, it was of utmost importance to me that the food and beverages reflected our appreciation for food. We served a delicious herbed chicken, artisan said, ricotta-spinach ravioli, and a butternut squash creme sauce that I made with one of my friends.

The vessels for the florals were thrifted by my fiancé and at thrift stores scattered all throughout the Palm Springs area. Our amazing florist, Gabi Bridges of Pick Tulip, foraged a lot of our florals which added the most special touch to the florals. We liked the organic look of the canvas drop cloths and found that they were more unique than just the average tablecloth. I found these from a company called World Paint Supply and pieced them together according to the table size. I accented the organic canvas with a natural gauze that I purchased in bulk from a disturber in LA. All the furniture pieces featured at our wedding were loaned to us by a countless number of our dear friends. Our wedding truly was a labor of love!

My favorite moment was the end of the ceremony when my new husband and I were finally pronounced as husband and wife. I remember him holding me close and saying "my wife, my wife, my wife". That is a moment I never want to forget.