How This Bride's Childhood Home Inspired Her Winter Wedding
May 5, 2016
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Inspiration can come from anywhere, and for this sweet duo, it came from the Bride's childhood home. After a childhood spent surrounded by her mother's flower and herb gardens and discovering old family wedding photographs in the attic, Brice created her wedding theme based around the idea of a classic simplicity. And, thanks to Lisa O'Dwyer, you can gush over all the beautiful moments in The Vault!
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From Lisa O'Dwyer...Boettcher Mansion is a historic mansion in Golden, Colorado. Brice and Ian loved it for its Craftsman period aesthetic (Ian is an architect), and for the beautiful Colorado mountain scenery (a lot of the guests were coming from out of state, from Kansas and Massachusetts).

From The Bride...My inspiration for our wedding actually came from my childhood home. I grew up surrounded by my mothers flower and herb gardens in the middle of a New England forest. I also grew up exploring the old farmhouse attic where my mother grew up. In that attic I would find tons of old family wedding photographs that showed a classic simplicity that I wanted to mimic.

I did not have a specific theme or specific color but I decided to go with only a few decor items and focus mainly on neutral/gold tones and greens to complement our strong Irish heritage. Beautiful florals with lots of textured greenery, specifically air plants and meaningful herbs set the background for our ceremony and reception. Brittany Kinoshita at Hana Style designs took my random thoughts and put together a color and texture palette that was sophisticated, different, and classic at the same time. Texture was the main medium that we dabbled in for the wedding- lace, sequins, velvet, and different types of greenery. It was so simple yet gorgeous and it complemented the beautiful film photography of Lisa O'Dwyer.

One of the biggest decisions that Ian and I made was to hire professionals that we trusted with everything and to let them do what they do best without too much direction from us. We basically said, "here is the feeling that we are going for" and our wonderful photographer, Lisa O'Dwyer, our amazing florist, Hana Style Designs, our take-charge coordinator, The Gardner Effect, our hair and makeup artist, Janie Rocek, and our caterer, The Pines at Genesee, made it happen beyond anything we could have ever dreamed. It is amazing what can happen when you let the people who have done this sort of thing hundreds of times make the decisions! Even when we had a last minute change of venue due to weather, they all came together and made the whole event more beautiful than we possibly could have imagined and it all happened without Ian or I having to lift a finger.

The event as a whole, for so many reasons, was an incredible experience and it would not have been possible without everyone who helped to create it.