Craft the Ultimate Wedding Gallery Wall with Framebridge
May 2, 2016
First comes love, then comes marriage... and then comes all those gorgeous wedding photographs.  But what to do with 100+ pictures of one of the best days of your life? Gallery Wall! And if anyone knows their way around custom framed art and photographs, it's Framebridge. With their help, we crafted our version of the perfect wedding gallery wall and we're dishing all the tips we picked up along the way.

Mix it Up

Mix things up with photos of you and your love, family, scenery from the big day, etc. A mix of different subjects works perfectly for this style of gallery wall.

Vary sizes and thickness of frames

For this we used a mix of Framebridge's modern white frames, choosing the largest frame for our scenic venue image and moving down in size from there. We also added a dash of gold with their gilded bamboo frame.

Add Art!

You honestly can never go wrong with this one. Adding an oil painting and watercolor totally transformed the look of our gallery wall. Your favorite prints work too!

Incorporate different textures and elements

Natural elements like wood or florals, a pop of gold, rope or fabric -  these items add another layer to your gallery wall and really make it shine.

Choose Similar Colors

Choose elements in a similar color grouping. For this gallery, we stuck with blushing pinks and golden, sun-filled hues which help to make it all feel cohesive.

Get creative

We took the paper used to back our invitations and framed it for a nice pop of pattern and one that has the essence of our stationery without being too literal. Another fun detail, our insanely talented artist friend Jess painted some of the ranunculus from my wedding bouquet as a pretty little momento and one that incorporates our wedding day flowers in a super artistic way. Have fun with the elements of your wedding day and find ways to turn them into art.
With Framebridge, customizing your favorite photographs and art could not be easier. Choose from a variety of styles, and mats all with affordable prices based solely on the size of your art. Then either upload or mail in your imagery. They'll take it from there and lickity split, you'll have the most gorgeous custom framed pieces delivered to your door.
Another fun fact? If you are still leery of just how to get started on your gallery wall, Framebridge is coming to the rescue! With a $99 consultation, their designers will work with you to pick the perfect combo of images and frames along with a final hanging and measurement plan + $50 towards custom framing. It's the cliff notes version worth every penny.
Now that you have all the tools, ready to get started on your best every Wedding Gallery Wall? Head to Framebridge to build your framed beauties and be sure to use the promo code STYLEMEPRETTY, good for 15% off first time purchase from May 2, 2016 through August 2, 2016. And if you're on the hunt for an amazing wedding gift, Framebridge gift cards are just the thing. So hop to it and plan your heart out with Framebridge!