Bouquet Breakdown: Rustic Bohemian Bridal Inspiration
April 30, 2016
What's better than a handful of blooms? How about a handful of heavenly blooms perfectly curated by Reverie Made. Nowww we're talking. For not only does this posy of petals appeal directly to our love of saturated hues, but it's also got a few pretty florals the mix that we haven't even heard of. Unreal, I know. See it all below!

Rustic Bohemian Bridal Inspiration

  • 5 stems Red Charm Peony

  • 3 stems Coral Sunset Peony

  • 3 stems A La Mode Dahlia

  • 3 stems Orange Sherbet Dahlia

  • 5 stems Burgundy Ranunculus

  • 5 stems Red Ranunculus

  • 3 stems Salmon Ranunculus

  • 9 stems Red Cosmo

  • 3 sections Jasmine Vine

  • 5 stems Burgundy Huechera

  • 5 stems Foraged Foliage

From Reverie Made...Reveriemade is known for our fluffy, whimsical bouquets, and this is one of my favorites! Our signature style is to create soft, garden-inspired arrangements that evoke emotion and celebrate everyone in attendance. I'm drawn to analogous color palettes by nature, so most of my designs use colors found next to each other on the color wheel. While much of our work is more neutral in color, saturated tones can be just as lovely! In either case, I always source premium blooms and I never repeat a design. Every bride deserves a bouquet that is uniquely her own, and Ellen, here, was no exception.

Since Reveriemade orchestrates the planning, design, and flower design for most of our clientele, I create flower arrangements that work seamlessly with the event's overall mood and energy. This is a great advantage because we can ensure that the aesthetics of the event are not only beautiful when experienced in person, but that the photographs captured will all work harmoniously in your wedding album. When we can take the time to match your favorite peony to the shade of your signature drink or your bouquet ribbon to the shade of your table linens, we have the ability to design and evoke emotion on a deeper level.

Reveriemade is based in the Princeton, NJ area and available for a limited number of local and destination weddings each year.

Floral Design: Reverie Made | Photography: Kay English

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