This Garden Wedding Is Purple with a Purpose
April 27, 2016
Mid Atlantic
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Garden weddings are (without a doubt) high on the list of things we're crazy madly in love with, so when Palermo Photo sent over this purple hued Mellon Park pretty we were absolutely smitten. A day graced with love, elegant details, and a naked cake that's worth sharing, we've got it all waiting for you to pin in The Vault!
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From the Bride...Aaron and I met in college, at a summer job on campus. He changed light bulbs in the dorms over the summer and I kept track of his and other students work in the housing department office. I didn't know that he liked me until I realized how easily I could make him blush.

Aaron proposed to me about a month after my birthday and Valentine's Day, right when I had given up on engagement for another year. He and my best friend, Brooke, had secretly gone out shopping for the perfect ring but because the sapphire had to be ordered special, it was later than he expected. In hindsight having it actually be a surprise was worth it.

Wedding planning was hard for me, I knew what I wanted the wedding to feel like, but translating that into lots of tiny decisions was difficult. Having a sister and mom with a lot of ideas and encouragement helped. Somethings were definitely easy, Maria was the only photographer I wanted to work with and Stephanie from Blue Daisy Florals had such beautiful arrangements and understood what I wanted right away. Raina included a lot of details in the place settings that I wouldn't have considered but when it was all put together it was too good to pass up.

The day of the wedding came together much better than I could have planned. We were incredibly lucky with the weather, it rained before we got to the venue, stopped raining enough for us to take pictures outside-- rained again before the ceremony, and cleared up just in time for us to be married in the garden where I had told Aaron 4 years prior that I wanted to be married there. The day felt like a dream, we were surrounded by friends who had come as far as the Netherlands to be with us--- it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. One of my favorite parts of the day was when our master of ceremonies (it was a self uniting ceremony, so a close friend led us through the ceremony) took a moment and told us to look out at all the people who came to our wedding to support us, and who loved us. That was a powerful, unexpected touch that brought a busy, crazy day to a standstill for a few moments.