This Untraditional Indian Wedding in Amsterdam has a Major Wow Factor
April 26, 2016
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For Saroj and Raaziek, a traditional Indian wedding with several days of events and hundreds of guests, held little appeal. So instead, this duo decided to create a wedding that was totally them: a nonreligious ceremony followed by an intimate reception infused with traditional Indian wedding colors like red, pink and purple. The end result is a wedding as beautiful as the city in which it took place. See it all from Wesley Nulens in The Vault!
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From Back To Style...Saroj & Raaziek got married last September in beautiful Amsterdam! The bride and groom both have their roots in India, therefore they wanted an Indian vibe to come through in the styling of their big day. But, since Saroj family are Hindu, and Raazieks family are Muslim, the decided not to include any religious influences in their wedding, as not to offend any members of both their family's. Being quite the untraditional couple, they were looking for a unique style for their wedding. A combination of class, vintage charm and Indian details. As their stylist, I incorporated these elements in the decoration of their beautiful little apartment in the middle of Amsterdam. And on both wedding locations; ceremony and dinner.

This day in September couldn't possible have been more rainy..typical Dutch we were in luck most of the photo shoot and wedding locations were indoors. During a few dry moments Wesley Nulens, the incredibly talented photographer, managed to make some beautiful shots of the couple in the Amsterdam Hortus Botanicus.

As a colour scheme we went for a muted and soft approach on traditional Indian wedding colors such as reds, pinks and purples. To keep with the vintage charm, we went for soft, pastel versions of these colors.

Traditional Indian weddings tend to last several days and included many hundreds of guests. This is another part this unique couple wanted to do differently. They decided to only invite a very small number of close family friends, and keep their big day truly intimate.

Brides advice: Stay true to yourself and who you both are. The day should be all about you and your love for each other. So do exactly what you both want.