DIY 'Love In Bloom' Succulent Favors
April 26, 2016
What's more thoughtful than a gift, or in this case—a wedding favor that keeps on giving? It's exactly why our DIY Succulent Favor is such a sweetie. And they're taken to the next level with our 'Love in Bloom' labels that are sure to induce smiles a plenty. Get the details below and click here to see even more DIY favor ideas!

Miniature Succulents
Wrapping Paper
Kraft Paper
Double Sided Tape
6" Bamboo Skewers


Print our Love in Bloom labels. Cut to size.

Place a small amount of double sided tape on the backside of the label at the end closest to the "L." Place your bamboo stick on the tape (the very top of the bamboo stick). Wrap the paper around the skewer so that the label hugs the skewer and the double sided tape secures to itself.

Use this template to cut out your wrap shape.

Wrap around your succulent and secure with double sided tape.

Insert your love in bloom skewer and voila!


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