DIY Honey Favors
April 26, 2016
In my opinion, sweet favors are the best kind. There's nothing quite like a delish treat to indulge in after a night of dancing, or in this case, to top your toast with the morning after! Complete with adorable 'Meant To Be' labels, this Honey Favor DIY is sure to win your guests hearts (and tastebuds) over. Click here to see even more DIY favor ideas!

Spice Jars
Honey Dippers
Kraft Paper
Baker's Twine, cut into 12" pieces
Glue Dots
Double Sided Tape
'Meant To Bee' Template


Print out these labels on your kraft paper and cut to size. Use double sided tape to adhere them to your spice jars.

Pour your honey into your jars and secure.
Wrap the top of the handle (near the dipper) with the center of your baker's twine and knot. You should have two long pieces of bakers twine draped on either side.

Place a glue dot on one edge of your honey dipper and secure it to the lid, closest to the hinge.
Gently open the lid and wrap one side (we did the left) of the baker's twine under the hinge and around the lid, bringing it back to the front of the dipper and tying in a knot, then a bow. Trim the ends.

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