DIY Coffee + Donut Favors
April 26, 2016
Here at SMP we're all the classics. Case in point? Coffee and donuts. Because when it comes to the perfect pairing it really doesn't get any better than this all time favorite pick-me-up. So much so that we've crafted THE perfect favor for your guests to take home post ceremony. See our easy steps below on you how can DIY these favors for your upcoming celebration!
Muslin Bags
Macaron Boxes
Small Powdered Donuts
Coffee Grounds
Ribbon, cut into 10-12" pieces
Kraft Paper
Glue Dots
Hold Puncher


Print out these "perfect pair" tags." Punch two small holes at the top. Set aside.

Construct your macaron boxes. Place 6 mini donuts inside then slide the lid on.

Pour 2TBS of coffee grounds into your muslin sack and close tightly.

Place 2 glue dots on the bottom portion of your box. Adhere the coffee bag to those glue dots for extra security.

Wrap your ribbon around the back of the box. Using each side of the ribbon, coming from the back to the front of the tag, thread your ribbon through the holes in your tag. Both sides of the ribbon should be at the front of the tag.

Pull the tag down so that the ribbon is taught around the box and the tag is touching the top of the muslin coffee bag. Tie in a bow!