Craving Color? You've Got to See This Industry Insider's Wedding
April 22, 2016
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Ask anyone who works in the wedding industry, when it comes to planning your own big day, there's a lot of pressure to make it perfect. But this beautiful wedding planner Bride handled that pressure with grace and it led to one gorgeous outdoor wedding. Don't miss any of the pretty, captured by Simply Lace Photography and Am Motion, in The Vault!
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From The Bride...As a wedding planner you are always inspired by the latest trends etc. However, for me I have always wanted an outdoor wedding. I like how you can turn simple things into beautiful things. Luckily, I was blessed to have a met my husband now, who also shared the same views. It was also important that our son wasn't left out of the moment. A southern-rustic feel is what we wanted. Come casual, eat great BBQ and just enjoy in our moment.

With the cultural background that I am from, I wanted something that has yet to be done. We decided on a space that allowed everything to happen in one place. From ceremony, to cocktail to reception. Also the venue being historical site gave us a sense of re-living in old Ontario which was a big thing for us. We liked the rustic-ness of the place. It was opened and airy. Again, simple!!

My favorite wedding moment was the exchange of vows. Funny thing is I've always known how my husband felt about me. But in the moment, hearing him profess it not only to me, but God, our families and friends and most important our son just validated it. I felt a sense of rush that I felt the first time we met. 

My advice to engaged couples is that once you know the answers to these questions: (1) what kind of wedding do you want (2) who you want to invite (3) When & where you want to get married (4) what is important to you, hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinator. It makes a big difference. It will save you time and stress.