Bright, Beachy Celebration in Brazil Part 1: The Wedding
April 21, 2016
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It's official, Cassidy Carson can do no wrong. For this seaside celebration is not only a dose of tropical bliss, but it's got the makings of an all time classic celebration. From the Bride's beautifully detailed gown, to the regal reception that followed their ceremony, we've got it all waiting in The Vault! Oh, and if you think this is good, just wait until you see their farewell picnic - Part 2 coming right up!
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From the Bride... I met Collis randomly almost 12 years ago, on a bus in Vancouver, where I was studying English through an exchange program.

When the course was over at the end of 2004, we were deeply in love, but our young age, university plans and different nationalities spoke louder and I had to go back to Brazil. However, 9 years later, fate and the stars would rock our worlds unexpectedly, when we were brought back together to never leave each other again.

In March 2014, Collis proposed to me in beautiful Lake Louise, Alberta. From there to here, many changes and a lot of courage took place, so our dreams could finally become a reality.

We currently live in Vancouver, but very shortly after the proposal, we both decided we wanted to get married in Brazil. I knew immediately that the hidden paradise of São Miguel dos Milagres, one of the most beautiful beaches in the northeast of the country, was the place to be. With nothing but untouched soft sand and warm water beaches, it was the perfect backdrop for our story.

What makes São Miguel so magical, is also what makes it a challenging place to have a wedding for 120 people. Besides the fact that we picked and organized everything from 11,000 kilometres away, we had to hire designers, a wedding planner and all professionals from another city, almost 200 kms distant. Not to mention that it was the very first time a wedding was hosted at the venue we picked.

I was not sure all the hundreds of emails exchanged and Skype meetings held late at night would be worth it all. At the end of the day it came down to planning, trusting a great team of professionals, and counting on my beloved family, who helped me in every single detail. It ended up being an unforgettable experience and more amazing than we could have ever imagined!

Our wedding was broken up into three separate events: a Luau the first night, the Wedding and reception, and finally a romantic farewell picnic.

The Luau was tropical themed with huge white flags and a bomb fire on the beach. Then live music, caipirinhas, and dancing on the pool deck. The party only stopped when we all jumped in the water with our clothes on.

The wedding happened the next afternoon in a magical church built in the 18th century. An orchestra played our favourite songs and the guests were welcomed with paper fans and lemon water to refresh. The ceremony was held by a charismatic young Priest, who added English insertions so our Canadian family and friends could follow along.

The Reception took place in the courtyard of Pousada do Toque, the boutique hotel we all stayed in that weekend. The garden on its own is already beautiful, so our idea was to simply bring a little more Brazilian flare to the party. It was decorated with rustic accents, paper lanterns and tropical local flowers. The long wooden tables brought us together and helped Canadians and Brazilians strike up fun conversations and warm up for the party to come. The moon was full, the live music was great, and the drinks were cold and endless. Our families and best friends all together under the stars. We sang, laughed and danced until very late on that magnificent night. "What a time to be alive", I thought all night long. It was beautiful and unforgettable!