10 Ways to Tell If You're Becoming a Bridezilla
April 5, 2016
Let's be real - the stress of wedding planning can turn even the most calm and grounded of people into a not-so-lovely version of themselves. Between budgeting and decision making and well, planning the biggest day of your life, emotions run high, but fear not. We're sharing 10 little ways to check yourself before you wreck yourself, and ditch the title of "bridezilla".

1. You find yourself snapping at the people you love most.

Stress can bring out anyone's ugly side, but make sure you find productive ways to relax and recharge instead of unloading on those around you.

2. You care more about the seating chart than your soon-to-be husband.

We know the planning details can become seemingly overwhelming, but try to keep your perspective in check.

3. You obsess over finding the absolute perfect shade of rose quartz. Not pink, not blush - rose quartz.

Take a breather - any shade of pink is pretty, at least in our book.

4. You treat your bridesmaids like employees, not friends.

You might have final say on the bridesmaids' dress or have a list of duties for them to complete, but make sure your girls feel entirely loved and appreciated through the entire planning process.

5. When it comes to the wedding, money is no object. Ever.

If your wedding dreams are causing serious financial strain, take a step back and talk it out.

6. You don't involve your groom in the planning process.

He might not be as interested or invested in the planning details as you are, but remember it's his Big Day too. Include him, listen to him, and value his opinion.

7. A good night's sleep has become a distant memory.

It's a fact: no sleep = stress. And stress = potential bridezilla territory. 

8. Pinterest is the only site in your browser history.

You know we love Pinterest in a serious way, but there's also a time to unwind and Step. Away. From. The. Laptop.

9. You have every vendor on speed-dial.

You hired your vendor crew for a reason. While it's completely reasonable to keep in contact, also remember to trust their vision and give them some creative freedom. They're wedding professionals, after all.

10. Special moments turn into meltdowns.

We totally get that wedding planning isn't always a walk in the park, but if every highlight is ending in an ugly cry, it's time to reevaluate. 


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