The Romantic Braided Bun You Need To Try
March 30, 2016
Whether you're hitting the town for date night or rocking a daytime brunch with friends, this très romantique braided bun is the no-fail hair that'll get you there! Follow along beauty pro Les Ciseaux de Marie's simple steps straight from the lens of Ingrid Lepan.

PREP HAIR: Curl sections of hair with a curling iron to add texture to hair. 

SEPARATE HAIR: Section off hair and split from ear to ear.


CREATE VOLUME: Using your brush, tease volume into the back of the hair by backcombing, (brushing repeatedly towards the scalp.) Once teased, flatten hair to a reasonable height and secure with a hair band.

CREATE FRENCH BRAID: On the same side as your part, create a french braid along the side of your scalp and secure it with bobby pins underneath the teased section of hair on the back of your head. Next, secure loose strands from the opposite side with bobby pins underneath the same section.

SEPARATE REMAINING HAIR INTO BRAIDS: Section the remaining half-down hair into three loose braids.


TIE EACH BRAID UP + SECURE: One by one, tie each braid up, wrapping them around each other to create a blended twisted bun. 

SECURE FLYAWAYS, ET VOILÀ! Secure flyaways with bobby pins and smooth to complete the look.

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