A Step-By-Step Guide To The Perfect Braided Chignon
March 27, 2016
Ahh, the classic chignon. Timelessly romantic, perfect for practically any occasion, and well... a little intimidating. But today, we've got two words for you hairstyle hopefuls: Fear not! Because while this 'do may look daunting, the masterminds at Face Time Beauty are breaking it down piece by piece, so you can join the ranks of the very best tressed! So grab your bobby pins, and take a peek at the step-by-step action straight from the lens of You Look Lovely.

SECTION OFF HAIR: Starting with a loose curl, section top half of hair with clip.

CREATE YOUR ANCHOR: With a thin section of hair, begin working on a tight horizontal braid, zig-zagging it to pin. This will be the anchor of your chignon.

ADD IN MORE HAIR: Take another layer of hair and drape over braid. Move front sections of hair to each side.

ROLL + PIN HAIR: Roll one half of hair up and secure with bobby pins into the anchor. Repeat on other side.


PULL EXCESS HAIR TO THE SIDE: Pull rest of the hair off crown to one side of the head. Tuck some hair into the roll to camouflage anchor.

BRAID + PIN ONE SIDE: Braid the excess hair on one side. Pin braid on top of rolled hair.

TUCK + PIN REMAINING HAIR: Tuck hair from other side into roll and pin.

SMOOTH + FINISH: Hairspray remaining fly-aways as needed.
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