Classic Fall New York City Engagement
March 22, 2016
Tri State
Fall Weddings
It's virtually impossible to not love everything about Vanessa & Peter's e-session. With Oliver Fly Photography behind the camera snapping every second of Central Park magic, we think you'll be hard pressed to pick just one favorite from this gorge gallery. It's the type of adventurous afternoon that we're currently longing for, so if you need us we'll be spending the rest of the day in The Vault!
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From Oliver Fly Photography ... Vanessa & Peter are getting married in San Diego, California next spring. They really wanted to capture their engagement session in New York to create a beautiful souvenir of all the wonderful times spent together in this amazing city.

I absolutely loved photographing Vanessa and her fiancé's engagement in New York City during the indian summer as this city is a big part of their life together. This adorable couple lives near the iconic Central Park, the green heart of Manhattan. Sunday afternoons can be crowded but we found a quiet and peaceful place under a tree surrounded by nature.

The best moment of this epic love story was ending the day enjoying a last passionate kiss from Brooklyn face to Manhattan and the NYC skyline, so romantic! I can not think of a better way to end the day. Every minute from this journey with this cute duo in the Big Apple was a romantic getaway.

From the Bride-to-be ... Pete and I met through mutual friends while cleaning up the devastated areas of New York City after Hurricane Sandy. After a day of volunteering we all went to a pizza shop where Pete and I sat next to one another and chatted for a while. As the group parted we all agreed to get together in the near future. Pete kept in touch every now and again, and almost a year later we went on our first date — from our first date we were inseparable.

During our relationship Pete has pushed my adventurous limits.
We have hiked to Machu Pichu and often escape the busy Manhattan life for adventures on the outskirts of Manhattan. After two years of dating, we were on vacation with my family and Pete and I went on a morning hike. He had planned for the two of us to have breakfast at the top of the mountain. Little did I know it was going to be the most memorable hike of my life.

The proposal was perfect — although it wasn’t quite as Pete planned.
He planned for us to have breakfast at a place called “Crystal Lake”, but when we got there is was — according to him— incredibly underwhelming (I didn’t know why at the time!) We kept hiking until we got to a lookout where we enjoyed a spectacular view. We had breakfast and talked about how wonderful it was to be there together. All of the sudden, I realized what was happening as Pete began to get down on one knee and propose !

Few weeks ago, we were introduced to our photographer, Oliver Fly, through a friend and he happened to be visiting New York from Paris so the timing was perfect. We are getting married next spring in my hometown, San Diego, but I knew I wanted to reflect the amazing city that brought us together in our engagement photos, and Oliver did it perfectly through his eyes.
We are so grateful and so lucky being photographed by this french styled artist.

We live on the Upper West Side so Central Park seemed like the natural choice as is it where we spend a lot of time. We took the subway down to Dumbo so we could get a view of the skyline with the sun setting.