Organic Style Wedding in Sacramento
March 14, 2016
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If there were ever an "I do" to give us major #WeddingGoals, it'd be this one. I'm deeming it "timeless elegance with a styled rustic twist," all photographed through the lens of Mariel Hannah. In the words of the Bride, "As girls, we dream and imagine that our wedding day will be perfect." And in this case, that little girl's dream was totally brought to life. Head this way for so much more.
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From The Bride... The day has finally arrived after waiting for this special moment to marry my best friend. It was a beautiful proposal when Eric asked me to marry him at a small beach in San Francisco. As girls, we dream and imagine that our wedding day will be perfect and everything will go smooth as planned. As soon as that romantic evening was over I knew I had to start planning and putting all the pieces together for my ideas to come to life.

As the months were flying by (literally) I realized that a lot has to be done to plan a wedding just like I have dreamed about. From finding the dress, to meetings after meetings finding the perfect venue to fit my style, I realized that planning a wedding could be stressful at times. I took me a little while of searching to find a perfect dress to fit my personality. I was looking for something vintage with a modern twist that I can feel pretty in. After searching for few months I found a dress that fit perfect with the Elegant/Rustic look I was going for, after making some modifications to the dress. After almost 6 months of on and off planning, the last week finally came when I was wrapping up last minute details that had to be done.

The day was here and it felt surreal. I woke up that morning with a smile that no one was able to wipe off my face. I knew that even if things didn’t turn out as planned, I would enjoy this day because I was marrying my best friend. We had the ceremony at the church I grew up in, which was very special for me, and our reception was held at Morgan Creek Gold Course. Eric and I fell in love with Morgan Creek from the first time we saw it.

We had our reception early in the fall on a beautiful sunny day, which ended with a gorgeous sunset. The hall was dimmed and candles were burning on each table while guests were enjoying the beautiful sunset on the patio. I couldn’t believe this day had come, which we both were waiting for, for so long. We enjoyed every moment of it and wished that time would slow down in those last moments. It was a magical day that we will never forget.

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