Cozy Flannel Themed Bachelorette Weekend in the Mountains
March 11, 2016
United States
It's official, this Bride-to-be (who also happens to be the real life Collins from The Blind Side!!) had the best bachelorette party ever. Because honestly, what's better than a cozy getaway with your favorite girlfriends? That's right, nothing. Unless said getaway included a mountain escape, flannel theme, and of course endless bubblySorella Muse captured it all so pin the pretty and see it in The Vault!
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From Sorella Muse... When Collins got in touch with me about the idea of documenting a bachelorette party, my first thought was of bandage dresses and clubbing and one too many drinks. So when she explained that what she had in mind was actually a relaxing mountain getaway in the snow-capped mountains of Deer Valley, Utah, complete with matching plaid pajamas, snow tubing, games, mimosas, brunch, and curling up beside the fireplace with hot chocolate, I was immediately in! I loved that she chose spending quality time with her bridesmaids by planning an alternative weekend to the typical bachelorette. And as I quickly learned, whenever and wherever you get a group of sorority girls from Ole Miss together, it's always a party!

From the Bride-to-Be... When thinking about places to have your bachelorette weekend, it is assumed it will be in a party city like Vegas, or on a beach somewhere like Miami. Since we all had already attended quite a few beach bachelorettes I wanted to do something different…and since I also wanted to include a bit of relaxation we decided on a snowy mountain getaway. My fiance's family vacation home in Deer Valley, Utah seemed like the perfect place. We are all Southern girls, so the change of scenery to the beautiful snow-capped mountains right outside of Park City was a welcomed idea.

Setting the weekend itinerary was easy as we all had one goal, to spend quality time with each other. Most of my 18 bridesmaids live in different states across the country; Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, North Carolina, New York, and California. We know our time together is precious, and really wanted to take advantage of this long weekend to simply enjoy being together. I wanted a theme that was fun, would set the tone, and would make people think of the mountains. We started with the buffalo plaid pattern. We then wanted to bring in the snow aspect so we used this vintage snowy mountain paper, and brought that into the theme. I love all things sparkly so we threw in gold glitter details to be the final touch.

I wanted to keep the gift bags in line with our snowy weekend, so I included all the mountain getaway essentials. I found buffalo plaid bags at Abercrombie and Fitch, and loaded them up with fun goodies. You have to have slippers around the house because its so cold outside, so I found fuzzy slippers at Five Below, as well as the EOS eggs lip balm, and the tech touch gloves. I found the lotion and the buffalo plaid pajamas at Target. The black coffee mugs were from the Dollar Store, but my bridesmaid Kimber added a special touch by adding everyone’s monogram in gold. The buffalo plaid gloves were from Urban Outfitters and my maid of honor Catherine Ann provided the t-shirts.

Most of the girls arrived late Wednesday night, so we decided to keep Thursday low key. We had a delicious brunch at Zoom (Robert Redford’s restaurant on Main Street in Park City) walked around, shopped, and went back to the house to enjoy some wine and the beautiful views. We regrouped at dinner and went all the way up the mountain to Burgers and Bourbon at the Montage. I really encourage eating bad and drinking too much on your bachelorette. We were the last ones at the restaurant and finished off the dinner with bourbon filled milkshakes and lots of laughs!

Going with the relaxing stress free weekend theme my mom surprised us and booked a chef for breakfast Friday and Saturday morning. If you can swing this I would heavily recommend it. It was such treat to be able to wake up to the smell of bacon, and walk out to a fully prepared meal that we could all sit down and enjoy together. Friday afternoon we put our ski gear on (which was a reality tv episode in itself with all the parts and pieces) and headed out to snow tube. By far the best decision of the weekend! We played in the snow, flew down the mountain on tubes, and obviously acted like we were five years old for two hours. Being able to get out in the snow (and yes it was actually snowing the day we went) laugh at each other and tube was just the amount of silly we needed.

For dinner we went in to Park City and ate at River Horse on Main Street. The food was fabulous and the entertainment was just as good. There was an awesome acoustic guitar player who we loved so much we booked him to fly in for our post wedding dinner entertainment this coming April! After dinner we went to Downstairs Club and danced the night away. After our big night we needed a relaxing Saturday so we had masseuses come to the house and everyone laid around in their PJ's and got massages. We ended the weekend with a fun dinner in town at Fletchers then headed over to Rocken Rileys for post dinner drinks. One of my favorite memories of the weekend was definitely the dance battle that ensued here between one of my bridesmaids and another vacationer. It was all in good fun but lets get serious.... obviously my bridesmaid won! Sunday we woke up, all said our good byes, and swore we would all be back the same time next year for a reunion weekend. It was a magical time and I am so thankful to have such special friends to share this fun season of life with!!

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