Classic + Romantic Backyard Wedding in Montana
March 4, 2016
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Want to hear something adorable? Morgan and Brandon were married at her parent's house. I mean, how sweet and intimate is that?! With Rebecca Hollis Photography capturing every lovestruck moment, it's hard to imagine anything more beautiful than their Greenwood Events celebration. It's a day that proves to be as classic as it is sentimental, and thankfully we've got it all to share via The Vault!
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From the Bride... The first time Brandon and I ever saw one another was at a church clean up early one Saturday morning. We did not officially meet until some time later, but after the church clean up we both inquired to our pastor about each other. I had no idea who Brandon was or what his story looked like, but I knew I had to find out. He felt the same. We eventually got formally introduced one day after church by our associate pastor. As I walked away from the meeting, I turned around and gave Brandon my best "come and get it" smile that I could muster up. We continued to run into one another on campus and at church until finally one day, I approached him after the service. It was the beginning of Spring Break, and I wanted to know what his plans were. After making it very clear I wanted him to ask me out, he suggested we go on a hike over the break. I agreed. We met up to hike Mt. Sentinel and any and all awkwardness we felt evaporated after about three minutes. We hiked for almost three hours, talked the entire time, and laughed the whole way down. After that, the rest was history. We fell fast, and hard for one another.

It was only a short four months later that we were ring shopping together. Three months after that, we were engaged. Brandon proposed to me on Christmas Eve with my mom, dad, sister, and brother-in-law all there to witness it. It was perfect, simple, and 100% me. My family has a tradition where, every Christmas Eve after church, we sit around the fire and Christmas tree, and we open one gift. For the last 22 years of my life, that gift has been matching nighties for my sister and I that we eagerly run upstairs and put on to show my mom. This year, as my sister handed out presents, I knew there was no way a night gown would fit into the tiny sack I was handed.

The sack was gold and shiny, and inside it was a gold glittery Reindeer Christmas Ornament. Tied onto the Reindeer's horn was something that out-sparked the sack and the ornament combined; a ring. Before I could really react, Brandon was kneeling by my side. At this point I blacked out...and so did he. We were both so nervous and excited that we were shaking. If it weren't for my parents recording and us re-watching it, I don't think I would even know what we said to one another.

My favorite memory from the wedding day was walking back down the aisle after being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Smith for the first time. As we made our way back down the aisle we were both so excited and happy. Once we got back into the house we had a moment to celebrate with each other, our groomsmen, our bridesmaids, and our families. That was so special!

Brandon and I got married in my parent's home. That in itself held more value and sentiment than all the decor combined. Having grown up in that home with the mother that I have has given me a certain type of taste, so it was no surprise that the house and the yard matched the theme and colors I wanted. My sister and I were back upstairs, in our old rooms, and sleeping in my childhood bed the night before the wedding. It calmed me down a lot, and made me feel a lot more at ease. Waking up in my own bedroom the morning of my wedding day was something that I think is really special.

The overall theme and feel of our wedding was drawn from the home and yard it took place in; romantic, classic with a modern twist, and simple. My parents home is whites and creams surrounded by natural lush greens of tree leaves, the golds in the field grasses, and the soft colors of fall when the season starts to change. This color palette is my favorite of them all. The wedding colors, white, cream, gold and natural greens, plays directly into the property and vice versa. If there is one thing wedding planning has taught me it's to work WITH your surroundings, not against them. One of my favorite part's about Darci's decor ideas was the pampas grass that she used to line the aisle, toss into some of the bouquets, and use at the head table. The grass was totally unique, and while not at all part of Montana's natural grasses, fit in perfectly.

From the Groom... My favorite memory from the day was seeing Morgan walk down the Aisle with her Dad right there was something that I don't really think I can describe. She and her dad have such a special relationship, she looked unbelievably beautiful, and it just suddenly all became real that I was seeing my almost wife walking towards me. That rocked.

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