Classic Church Wedding with a Touch of Teal
March 3, 2016
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We first fell in love with this couple during their golden hour engagement session, and today we're peeking inside their elegant St. Louis wedding. Dressed up in a jewel tone palette of deep teal and touches of gold, it's a day coordinated by the fabulous Kate & Company, and photographed by Clary Pfeiffer. One part modern and one part classic, this gallery is style mixing done oh so right.
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From The Bride...In the summer of 2011, our addiction to TRX group exercise brought us together at Full Force Fitness in Mountain View, CA. Week after week, month after month, we continued to run into each other in class - TJ trying his hardest to impress me with his stamina and strength, while I focused on nothing but surviving through class without puking. Friendly smiles turned into cordial chit-chat, which turned into walks to the car, and....eventually led to the exchange of phone numbers outside TJ's sexy red PT Cruiser. We found ourselves coming to more and more classes, as there was suddenly an exciting new motive pushing us to exercise.

Unfortunately, just as things were getting interesting, we were informed that Full Force Fitness was going out of business. On November 4, 2011, the owner of the gym hosted a final farewell potluck for all clients. Of course, we both showed up for no reason other than the chance to each other again. We immediately hit it off. This farewell party quickly became less about bidding the gym farewell, and more about getting to know one another. We exchanged stories about almost everything in those two hours - school, work, family, experiences, interests...and of course, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Somehow TJ knew exactly how to win my heart, with excel formulas. We talked and laughed together until the night was over, when we said goodbye and scheduled our first date.

It was a Wednesday night at Maggiano's and we were nervous and excited. The date was a whirlwind. Time flew by. We learned we had so much in common - interest, values, dreams, aspirations - and the more we discovered we shared, the more excited we became! Before we knew it, it had been four, maybe five, hours and we realized we had barely eaten. It was clear the servers and staff were kindly waiting for us to leave, so we packed up our food and continued the conversation outside. We sat together under a beautifully lit oak tree....until security eventually showed up to break up our date by turning off the fire and taking our seat cushions. We laughed, took the hint, and called it a night. After that evening, it felt as if we had known each other for years. Instant friends. We agreed there was no one we ever clicked with so well and so quickly. Clearly, we found something truly special.

Three years later, we celebrated the anniversary of the day we met: November 4. In doing so, we decided to go to Maggiano's again since we hadn't been since that first amazing date in 2011. Arriving at the restaurant, we were not-so-coincidentally escorted to the same table we sat at years ago. I thought to myself "This can't be a pure coincidence. But then again, I know TJ and he does not do stuff like this. What is this man up to..." I tried not to let my head run away with the idea of a proposal, and just enjoyed our dinner. It was lovely. We reflected on how happy we'd each become, and this time at Maggiano's, we actually ate our food. 10:30 PM rolled around, and TJ suggested calling it a night and I agreed. After all, I was stuffed, it was a weeknight and also way too cold to sit outside under the oak tree.

Driving home, TJ decided to make a detour. I asked "where are we going?" several times, and he dodged the question over and over. Then he exited. I recognized the exit immediately, and thought "pinch me." TJ pulled into the old parking lot of Full Force Fitness. We got out of the car, and he read to me a speech consisting of heartfelt words I have always dreamed of hearing, from the man I've always dreamed of. TJ got down on one knee, opened the tiny box that held the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, and asked me to share the rest of my life with him. Of course I said Yes. What more could a girl ask for than to marry her favorite person and best friend! In what most people would consider an abandoned old parking lot, TJ made it a place I will never forget. A place where each of our lives changed for the better....twice. And, we'll be wed!

Of course, the best moment of the day was when those church doors opened and we locked eyes. I'll never forget it. It was so special and perfect, including the part when my uncle stepped on my veil :) But after that, TJ and I both agree our favorite part of the day was sitting at our sweetheart table and enjoying the view. With our family and friends being so far apart, it was such a joy to see all of our favorite people under one roof, celebrating together. I still get teary eyed thinking of it.

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