Classic + Elegant Museum Wedding in Tampa, Florida
February 25, 2016
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This Tampa celebration is a work of art. Because not only did this darling pair plan the perfect party, but the also held their reception in an art museum. I mean, how cool is that?! History buffs take note, this celebration is for you. A gallery that has garnered praise, thanks to K&K Photography we've got it all curated and collected for you to view. See it all displayed in The Vault!
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From the Bride... The most important aspect of our day was knowing that God was honored in the middle of it all. From the ceremony to the reception, Aaron and I desired for love to be the centerpiece. And it was! Our ceremony was a beautiful celebration of becoming one in front of all of our closest family and friends.

Arriving at the museum, we were greeted by delicate touches of beauty and love, from the linens, to the centerpieces, to the food, to the music - it was all exactly as we had envisioned. The Fall November air was crisp and light, and the love that surrounded us was warm and comforting.

One unique touch there was, was a hot donut stand. There was a line of people waiting to create their own hot donut the entire night. It was a hit!

We can't thank our vendors enough for providing such excellent service and talent. It was truly, the perfect day.

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