How to Rock a Veil + Gorgeous Hair on Your Big Day
February 21, 2016

If ever there was a wedding fairy godmother, it would be Mar from TEAM Hair & Makeup and TEAM Bridal Extensions. From romantic waves and classic updos to flawless wedding day skin and perfectly kissable lips, Mar works beauty magic. And today she's sharing that magic with beautiful brides like you so that on the one day you can get away with wearing a veil, it look absolutely fabulous!


How to Wear Your Veil

What are your tips for brides who want to wear a veil? 

Less is more! A single tiered veil which flows to the floor or past your train will make for a more elegant photo and a silhouette of your body will come through and look timeless. If you want to go for a shorter veil, be sure your veil hits below your bum. If the veil stops at your waist and lands above your bum, this could attract some unwanted attention to your derriere!

What are the best hairstyles for a veil? 

All hairstyles can be worn with a veil. But, placement is key to achieving the look you want—from modern to romantic . For example, a high bun with a veil placed in front will look romantic. If you are wearing your hair all down, place your veil on the upper back of your head to look more modern. 

Do certain styles of veils call for specific hairstyles?

From a birdcage veil to cathedral length, styles can vary so there are no rules! That said, there's something very romantic about seeing the intricacy of a hairstyle peeking through the tulle of a veil. If you are wanting a vintage look, you could wear your hair up in a finger wave or let your hair down in a 40's wave, tucking one side behind your ear with a decorative hair piece. Complete the look with a shorter veil. Long 'dos or half up styles look great with a longer veil. Fancy updos look great with fingertip or church length veils. 

What's the best way to keep your veil in place?

Criss cross applesauce!  Use Sally Beauty Supply bobbi pins, they are the best!  Ask your stylist to criss cross your bobbi pins when placing the veil. First, take a bobbi pin and weave into the comb and pin to the head. Second, take another bobbi pin and attach in a "X" position onto the first pin. This will prevent your veil from slipping out! You can also sew tiny magnets into the edge of your veil to weigh it down in case there's wind at an outdoor wedding. If you wear a church-length veil (one that goes to the floor) or your cathedral-length veil (one that extends past the train of your dress) has embellishment, this may be heavy enough for the veil to stay put!

Once you take off the veil, do you have to change your hairstyle?

You don't have to, but if you have an excuse to wear TWO hairstyles at your wedding, do it! So many of my brides wear a veil with one hairstyle down the aisle and then remove the veil and change the hairstyle up for the reception. Most veils are easy to remove, however, you will need a little help to ensure the hairstyle isn't pulled too much while removing.

Other tips

Steam your veil—a wrinkled veil is a tacky veil! If you don't have a steamer or a stylist who can steam it, then place your veil in the bathroom, hanging from the shower curtain rod and run the shower on hot water and let it sit for about 15 minutes in the steam. At the very least, let your veil "breathe" overnight by laying it out flat to prevent wrinkles.

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