Classic New England Nantucket Greenhouse Wedding
February 19, 2016
New England
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Just when you think you've seen it all, couples like this prove that the element of surprise is still very much alive in the wonderful world of weddings. Giving true meaning to a green wedding, this elegant greenhouse celebration is bursting with organic details and one seriously chic nursery reception. It's homegrown meets high class and thanks to Christine Doneé, we've got it all waiting for you in The Vault
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From Christine Doneé... I've had the pleasure of knowing Addie and Andrew for a couple of years now, so when asked to photograph their wedding, I was beyond honored to be a part of this special moment in their relationship. The two of them are down to earth, genuine, warm and extremely kind - they're just the kind of people that leave a positive mark on your life. And their wedding was no exception.

The ceremony was beautiful and simple, with guests seated at the old Quaker Meeting House and a violinist playing melodies that filled the room with joy and anticipation. Andrew's dad officiated the ceremony, which made the intimate setting feel even more special. There were tears and laughter, applause and prayers, and Addie's infectious smile set the tone for the rest of the day.

Having lived on Nantucket for years, the bride and groom wanted their guests to see the Nantucket that the two of them cherish so much. So while we ran off for the formal portraits, the guests were shuttled to Bartlett's Farm for cocktails and local craft beer in the nursery. The flowers and plants from the farm made up the decor and brought a sense of life and color to the evening. With the sun filtering in through the pergola, a golden warmth filled the room that I can still feel today.

Just off of the nursery was the greenhouse where the reception took place. Paper lanterns, potted plants and cafe lights adorned the room. And while everyone sat at round tables, the meal was served "family style" for a communal and intimate feel. As with everything else, Addie and Andrew created a menu that was intentional and organic, with most of the produce coming from the farm itself. Guests passed around serving dishes and joined in a festive meal together, making you feel like you were at a good friend's house for dinner.

As the sun was setting, I took the bride and groom out to an open field for portraits were they could have a moment to themselves and take in the day. Once the sun dipped below the horizon and we made our way back towards the greenhouse, we could hear the laughter and chatter from across the farm. It was an incredible celebration of these two people, surrounded by friends and family who truly loved them, and a wedding day that represented exactly who they were.

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