Old Hollywood Glamour with Invisalign
February 18, 2016
Hollywood is brimming with style inspiration, I don't need to tell you that.  And just like the past and present starlets of the red carpet, Invisalign® clear aligners help brides glow with confidence from the inside out. Think ah-mazing clear aligners that will create that stunning smile you've always dreamt of. It's adding a dose of glamour to your Big Day, Old Hollywood style, and we're sooo on board with that.
In our book, the best accessory is always a beautiful smile.  That's why Invisalign clear aligners continually top our lists of must-haves for your Big Day with seriously simple, removable clear aligners that will straighten your teeth sans the hassle and embarrassment of classic wire braces. I'm talking a technology that is so incredibly advanced, they're able to treat minor to complex cases with complete discretion.  It's no wonder that Hollywood trend-setters turn to Invisalign treatment to ensure an award-winning smile for those oh-so-important premiers and red-carpet events.
With Invisalign clear aligners, your picture perfect smile is closer than you've ever imagined with treatments that can take anywhere between 6-18 months... it's sooo simple AND fast!  All you have to do is go to Invisalign.com TODAY to find an Invisalign-trained doctor to book a consultation.  You'll be starting that journey towards a totally perfect smile... and a glamorous wedding day look that is all about evoking that elegant movie star quality that will leave all of your guests wowed.  It's total sophistication meets brilliantly straight teeth meets a confidence that belongs on the big screen.  We love that.


Photography (Top to Bottom): Michael & Carina Photography + CLY BY MATTHEW + Emma McDonald Weddings + Ann & Kam Photography & Cinema