Day After Dolomite Mountain Newlywed Session
February 17, 2016
Summer Weddings
I started in on our Vault with these images from Thecablookfotolab and within seconds I was regretting that my new hubby and I hadn't done a day after shoot after our nuptials last June. Still riding the romantic high from their wedding the day before, these two lovebirds just can't take a bad picture - and Mother Nature's beauty doesn't hurt either. Fall in love with the whole scene right this way!
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From Thecablookfotolab... One of the best things you can do is to stay with your friends and relatives on the wedding day and then to do the couple's shoot in a wedding dress in some amazing location on the other part of the world the next day. Exactly like this couple did: after the wedding they came to Italy in order to do an unforgettable shoot in a breathtaking location: the crystal clear lake in the Dolomite Mountains.

I'm happy about the fact that more and more couples ask me to search for a beautiful location for them, they know that I'm addicted to beautiful places, and they drive with me then for 3-4 hours in order to get those beautiful pictures.

The sunset's light, the love in their eyes, the beautiful gown, blue water of the lake, the mountains in the background, the natural and particular bouquet... Every single detail made this shoot unique. I love when the scenery is so beautiful that you don't need to overload it with the details and everything is concentrated on the beauty of the image itself and on the feelings of the couple.

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