Romantic + Rustic Napa Valley Ranch Wedding
February 15, 2016
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It all started with a blind date, so it only makes sense that these two sweeties chose a venue that was still under construction just months prior to their wedding.  Why not take a chance on the unknown, you know?  Well, the proof is in the pudding and this is a day that is as rich in breathtaking details as it is in fun-filled moments.  See it all captured beautifully by Anne-Claire Brun in THE VAULT.
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From Anne-Claire Brun... Last Spring, I shot a Triple S Ranch Wedding in Napa Valley. It was the wedding of Laura & David, and it was just perfect.

The venue, still under construction a few months before the wedding, was one of the best I’ve seen. Laura & David got married under the incredible 200-year-old walnut tree and the whole day happened in one place. I love it when everything happens in one and only location, because people get to enjoy it without the stress of going somewhere else + there is more time to actually celebrate and enjoy the day, those guests did! It was a great day and I’m so happy I got to be part of it!

From the Bride... David and I were set up on a blind date by two friends of ours. David called me and suggested we meet at a bar called Churchills in the Castro. After more than a few disastrous first dates, I set my expectations pretty low. We hadn’t shared photos so when I walked in and saw him, I thought he was extremely handsome, and immediately ran to the bathroom to take one last glance in the mirror. Over drinks, we bonded on our close relationship with our parents, our love of travel and of food. After we got engaged, our two friends who had set us up bought us a cake that read “You’re Welcome."

David planned to ask me to marry him in New York City while we were there visiting my parents. He picked up the ring in New York and asked my dad for permission, but never found the right time. Despite being sworn to secrecy, my dad could barely contain his excitement and referred to us as engaged or married a few times through the weekend. Once we were back home in San Francisco, he surprised me by proposing in our living room while we were in our pjs and eating dinner. Our friends threw us a surprise engagement party/bonfire at Ocean Beach to celebrate.

The planning process was fun and overwhelming—especially for someone like me who is prone to biting off more than I can chew! Two of my good friends got engaged right around the same time as we did so we helped encourage one another and keep each other sane. At times we joked that we could have saved time and money by planning one big, joint wedding. Dave’s priorities were selecting the perfect venue and delicious food, but he encouraged me to take the lead on everything else. My mom and his parents were incredibly helpful along the way. We both knew the wedding would be destination for most of our close friends and family so we did everything we could to make it as easy and as special for them as we could.

The gorgeous venue and time of year (spring) helped to inspire the color choice (peach, blues and yellow accents). Our bridesmaids and groomsmen all looked great in blue, so we selected that color for the dresses and ties. The style was relaxed (like us), rustic (like the venue) and elegant—because it was a wedding after all.

There was so many wonderful moments during the day, but my favorite was when we signed the ketubah (Jewish marriage license) right before the wedding ceremony. It was a more private time with just our rabbi, close family and bridal party. The atmosphere was filled with love and felt sacred and steeped in tradition. We were surrounded by three couples who had been married for a combined 120 years! There was laughter and tears that made us realize just how important and special the day was.

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