Al Fresco Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration
February 13, 2016
Winter Weddings
A pink bicycle + blooms + a basket full-o-chihuahua = possibly the cutest thing ever. And it's just one snap from this charming al fresco Valentine's Day shoot from Sheradee Hurst Photography and Inspire Events. It's the perfect dose of rich reds, pinks and golds to prep us for a weekend packed with love. See more in The Vault!
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From Inspire Events...This brook was just rolling with the sounds of romance. The kind where you can’t help but hear chirping birds and the rippling brook. The real show stopper though, was the bridge. (Oh that bridge!) The contrast in the the stone makes it both stunning and captivating by tying in some classic Valentine's Day colors, we created a traditionally romantic, yet anything but cliche' feel to this Valentine's Day shoot.

Creating this setting all came together around love in nature. From the plates with the flowers and butterflies, to the charger plates that mirrored the coloring of the blue green mossy cover on the river rocks. Gold flatware played delicately with the gold color in the trees when captured on film. With the sunlight shining on the changing seasonal beauty that is revealed, the gold was magnificent in the elements.

Pops of red in the floral were a must in the centerpieces and the pomegranate addition just added that extra bit of detail to the table. I wanted to incorporate deep rich colors that would really stand out in the setting. For this shoot, the flowers were a driving factor. The flowers were selected because they added to the gracefulness of the feeling. I also loved the garland for the table top. There is prominent eucalyptus, but there’s a handmade DIY for brides on the table also. Using coffee filters, a thick thread, and gold spray paint a DIY paper garland was created to accent the greenery. The garland added additional textures to the table top, something different and unique.

The playfulness of the script on the invitations, the addition of the bicycle and the little puppy all gave this shoot a lighter flare. The deep coloring of the envelopes tied to the dark wood naked table. Again, this continues to develop the brilliance of the color pallet chosen.

The cakes were paired perfectly, by the amazing Mishelle Handy Cakes. Her unmatchable talent was on display and on the mark. The delicate design and the subtle accents made for a lavish and elaborate cake of stunning artistry.

This dress was our top choice because it is so exquisite, something so feminine in a natural setting. Something so gorgeous in this place of no expectation; it was a natural fit. The head piece was also provide by J.J. Kelly and sparkled against the water. The reflecting sun off the water, the jeweled headpiece, and the glimmer in her eyes was as though she was catching the eye of her lover. All sparkling together to create a sort of glow around this gorgeous bride.

The soft, simplicity of the bride’s hair was intentional. It’s not overly done, it’s intentionally relaxed. It allowed the bride to shine and still showed the gorgeous headpiece. Andrea Lemonds nailed it with the hair and the splendid tie to the colors, accented by the brides make up, especially the lipstick choice. Magnificent!

The original detail in the design of the sitting couch really drew me in. Immediately upon seeing this for the first time, I knew I had to have it. It takes me to a place and time, free from the hustle and bustle, to a time when beauty was held in hands of those who deemed all beauty a treasure. The demure, reserved quality that is shown by the incredible Sheradee Hurst Photography in these film images is more than we can handle. Adding the naked table and chairs (George and Martha) as the Bride and Groom table was an inevitable decision. The rawness and the dark coloring of the wood on both the table and the chairs, set against the backdrop of the trees, the brook and the floor of the earth, allowed me to continue with the naturistic beauty but also adding some sophistication to the landscape.

The sitting couch was in itself, just lovely. The detail in the design of this couch draws you in with its textures. Being the original design, there was never a doubt this would be featured in the shoot. Adding the naked table and chairs (George and Martha) as the Bride and Groom table was an inevitable decision. The rawness and the dark coloring of the wood on both the table and the chairs, set against the backdrop of the trees, the brook, and the floor of the earth married naturistic beauty by adding some sophistication to the landscape.

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