Classic Dallas Wedding with a Dream Oscar De La Renta Gown
February 12, 2016
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Classic weddings will always win my heart. The elegance, the grace, and the tradition make for timeless celebration, and this real wedding is all of the above. Photographed by Sarah Kate, there's so many moments to love (can you even handle that Oscar de la Renta gown?!) and we'll be poring over each bit. Get started in The Vault.
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From The Bride... Jere and I first met in Dallas. I was living in New York at the time and he was living in Midland, a small town in Texas. We were in Dallas spending time with family for Easter weekend, but I ventured out to meet my friends at Javier’s on that Friday night. Jere was at Javier’s with mutual friends. We met in the cigar bar in the back, ordering margaritas. That Sunday I got a “poke” on Facebook and a long distance relationship began. We did long distance for a year, New York to Midland and then I moved back home to Dallas a year before we got married. We now live in charming Midland and I am learning how to live in a small town. Having the love of my life next to me makes it easy.

The Proposal

I was going to Midland to meet Jere for the weekend, but he surprised me at Love Field Airport in Dallas before I could get on the plane for his town. Where were we going? New York City! Jere was a not a big surprise person so this was a huge surprise. We went and grabbed a beer while we waited for our flight to the big city. I was so curious!! Was this the weekend? I was trying so hard not to get my hopes up. He told me that he wasn’t telling me what we were doing, where we were staying or how many days we were there.

We landed and he told the cab “78th and Madison”. The cab took us to the Carlyle Hotel. I have always wanted to stay there. It is a New York classic, so romantic. We had a glass of champagne before our dinner downtown at Il Mulino. We were carbo loading as we were training for a marathon that February in Austin which meant the next morning we had a long 12 mile run to complete. Our dinner was amazing - best pasta and bread I have ever had. Jere seemed nervous, but I still had no idea if this weekend was THE weekend.

We were set to run the next morning after breakfast. Because I didn’t bring the appropriate clothing for 12 degree snowy weather in NYC, I had to put on so many random layers! I had a fancy scarf, tie dye hat, hiking socks on my feet and my hands - no gloves. We started our run from the Carlyle and around central park ending 12 miles by the Central Park Boat House, Bethesda Terrace fountain. He said “Kate, let’s go over there and look by the fountain.” I walked ahead, getting nervous at this point. Was this the moment? He said, “Kate, wait I have a question,” he was on a knee. He proposed. “Yes!!!” His little sister Catherine, my best friend Carla and his cousin Cathleen were all right there taking pictures of us, hiding!

The Planning

What type of venue were you looking for? We decided Dallas because we both had family there, it just made more sense. I didn’t like the idea of having people travel too far to celebrate! I wanted to have the ceremony at the church I grew up in and a reception outside under the stars and with a tent. I had always imagined a big tent with lights, dancing and smiles. The tent was built over the pool at the Dallas Country Club.

The Dress

Oscar de la Renta designed my dress. It was one of the last ones he designed before he passed away. That made it extra special. It was a ball gown. I felt so pretty and very myself. I stayed in my dress the whole night. I purchased it in Dallas at Neiman Marcus.

The Day

The best part of the day was seeing Jere for the first time plus being excited with my mom, best friends and future mother in law/sisters all day leading up to it. That morning, Jere dropped off a flower with a note at my parents’ house where I had been living (for 2 months) until Jere and I got married. That was special to wake up with my parents greeting me with breakfast on my wedding day.

Words of Wisdom

What advise do you have for other brides? One of my friends Brittany told me, "Don’t let the wedding get in front of the wedding." It really is about you and your fiance, not the party, at the end of the day. The Wednesday before your wedding have a date with your person, just you two. Have a glass of wine, relax and talk about your excitement after exchanging a gift or letter.

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