Ethereal Key West Beach Hemingway House Wedding
February 11, 2016
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Any wedding that includes Yenny Yoo clad Bridesmaids' is certainly a show-stopper in our wedding book but add in the talented Care Studios behind the lens at the Hemingway House in Key West and you've got yourself one memorable celebration. See it all in The Vault!
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From the Bride... Clayton wanted to have a beach ceremony, and I wanted to have a romantic, ethereal wedding. We were able to easily combine the two visions in Key West by having our ceremony right on the beach and our reception at the Ernest Hemingway house. As for all the details, we really paid attention to every little thing and wanted each choice to reflect us as a couple, we really love wine and traveling to various wine regions so we brought in an Oregon pinot noir and a California white blend from two of our favorite wineries and served them during our cocktail hour. Yet some of my favorite details of the evening weren't as noticeable from the stitching in Clayton's suit with our wedding date to the handkerchief I carried that day, which was part of a love letter from my grandmother to her husband on their wedding day. And what tied everything together was working with Peggy, as she was able to take the vision we had and turn it into a perfect reality. I felt like I had walked into my perfect dream wedding. We truly had the perfect day!
Do you two have any advice to couples planning their wedding?

Take your time and try to appreciate the process. It will get overwhelming at points, but lean on each other and your support system. Keep the process in perspective as your wedding is your time to show your friends and family your commitment to not only each other but the journey ahed. It's about love. I was lucky to have a groom who wanted to be involved in the majority of the wedding planning, so we truly tackled everything as a couple. When one of us needed to step back to regroup, the other would step up to the plate to lead for a while and vice versa. Through our teamwork, we both feel our wedding was ours and we were in it together.

When discussing our favorite part of the wedding, both of us could not pick one part. We both felt the entire day was perfect, so our favorite part was every part. But a standout moment was when Clayton took it upon himself to have one more surprise up his sleeve. Unbeknownst to me, he had put together a dance for him and his groomsmen to a Janet Jackson mashup (my favorite artist) and performed it for me at the reception. To say I was blown away is an understatement. It was incredible! Looking back on our wedding day, we just feel truly blessed all around.

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