Tropical + Bohemian Wedding in Naxos
February 3, 2016
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In our eyes, Paul and Sivan planned the perfect wedding. Traveling all the way from Los Angeles to the hidden gem that is Naxos, these two escaped the ordinary for one extraordinary celebration. The ultimate adventure wrapped up in romance, With Heart Films captured every second to share and we've got it all below. From a sweet ceremony, to the ideal reception, Press PLAY to see it all!
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From With Heart Films... Paul and Sivan, decided to have their wedding in one of the hidden gems of the Greek islands. So they traveled all the way from Los Angeles to have their wedding in Naxos. Naxos is the largest of the Cyclades island group in the Aegean. It has some of the most beautiful beaches, traditional villages unaffected by time and with most recognizable landmark the gate of Apollo’s temple. Sivan is a beautiful woman, inside and out and not only that but she is also incredibly talented and full of passion and creativity. Co-founder at MUSE and sharing inspiration and ideas through, it is no wonder she organized all the details of her wedding perfectly.

We were welcomed with open hearts from both Paul and Sivan, as well from the Richards and Vardi families and for three days,we lived with them the adventure that was P & S wedding. An adventure that found us walking in the small alleys of the town of Naxos, doing a magical ride to traditional villages still unaffected by time and sailing at sunset to Paros, on a boat full of people laughing and dancing.

The ceremony took place at Banana, in the amazing St. Anna beach, where in front of their friends and families, Sivan, in her gorgeous Galia Lahav dress, looking stunning and Paul equally handsome and elegant, exchanged their vows. Once again we had the joy of working with talented Adonis Kekidakis as the photographer. We feel blessed that we shared all those moments of laughter and tears and love. Mostly love. The night found everyone partying, celebrating the union of these two “star-crossed lovers”.

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