Al Fresco Lake Como Wedding
February 1, 2016
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What began as a chance meeting through their careers in investment banking, turned into a love story with a perfect ending. An incredible destination wedding on Lake Como, to be specific. Planned in only three months, Italian Easy Wedding helped these two pull off a celebration their guests would never forget and Darya Kamalova photographed each and every bit. See it all inside The Vault!
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From The Bride... We met each other working together in investment banking and our relationship began developing rapidly after few meetings. I remember that my first thoughts was like “no no no, no relationships with colleagues." But sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

After being together for 2 years we’ve planned our regular trip, but that time my husband suddenly invited my Mom to join us. Later I found that my Mom was the carrier of my engagement ring. I remember that evening when we came to beautiful restaurant when you are sitting inside a beautiful aquarium watching the fish swimming around and I asked him “why he doesn’t want to take off his jacket?” It was quite warm inside the restaurant. Then everything became very clear.

He had quite big engagement box with the ring inside, so he couldn’t keep it in his trousers. After the moment he proposed I was so impressed with the engagement box design that I forgot to check out the ring. The engagement ring was handmade with the picture of a chipmunk - this is a special symbol of our family from the first months we are together. At the beginning it was his joke calling me "chipmunk" but we've both got so used to this “nickname” that we now collect chipmunk or squirrel trinkets from every trip.

Both of us were sure that we’d have our wedding somewhere far away from home. We wanted all our guests feel special. It took us long time to find that perfect place and perfect wedding planner. We weren't in hurry looking for the right place, but when we found Villa Regina Teodolinda we knew that we'd celebrate our wedding nowhere else!

Thank you to our wedding planner, because she helped us plan everything in 3 months total, and it turned out wonderful. The location was just perfect with a beautiful villa, amazing food, plus lake and mountain views. The one thing we regret is that it all passed too, too fast!

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