Boho Outdoor Wedding in Ontario
January 29, 2016
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We love to share weddings of all shapes, styles and sizes, so this bohemian affair is a perfect change of pace. From the handmade macramé ceremony backdrop to the couple stealing kisses in a field of Queen Anne's Lace, there's so many reasons to adore this lovefest. Simply sit back and scroll through The Vault images from Jessica Rose Photography.
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From The Bride... Our engagement was short. We just didn't want to have to wait! We didn't want big, we wanted to be surrounded by people we loved, to eat well, dance hard and raise a couple glasses. So we put four months on the clock and we were off.

The planning was a easy-breezy and things (more often than not) kind of just... fell into place. Being in the wedding "biz" myself, I've seen days like these come together in a month, so I knew we'd be fine. So much so that when I got word our intended photographer had suffered a broken ankle only days from our nuptials, I trusted and the universe pulled through. Enter Jessica; a woman so talented it oozes out her ears, so kind that it's reflected in everything she does. She worked her magic and the images she so lovingly made are our very best memories frozen that we will treasure forever.

But I must back up...!

I bought my dress, Myles bought a non-suit and his favourite new shoes. My Mom made jam and Dad Deck built a bar. Cake flavours were decided and monogramed pins were pressed. Florals were gushed over and we secured Toronto's finest for our taco bar. We compiled 7 hours of our favourite tunes and bought a crazy amount of chips for our late-night snack. Beer store research, wine tastings, sangria recipes, videographer wins, fireworks tutorials, hair and makeup practice.

Our close friend worked her magic with the design of our day and brought our vision to life. (Secret) vows were written, macramé was tied, engagement shots taken and wedding bands procured. All the while, we never lost sight of the reason for all these things, all these plans. In those four months we laughed together, we danced together and we loved each other deeper than ever.

And then all of a sudden, it was time. Time for curls and mascara. Time for the dress and a crown of blooms. I watched from the window as Jessica placed Myles in a field of queen anne's lace and then with weak knees, I was out the door and making my way towards my husband-to-be.

"Are you there?" he asked.
"I'm here," I said, my voice shaking.

He turned and it was magic: tears streaming down our faces, "I love yous" and kisses by the dozen, a deep understanding that this was it. From here, the day started to slip into fast forward, only slowing down for a few short moments.

To say that our day was all we could have hoped for would be an understatement. it was so much more. We professed our love and made our promises in the presence of people that mean the world to us and to us, that was the most important part. What was fun was being able to do it in an environment where we felt at home, one we knew our guests would love. We put so much of ourselves into the smallest details and it was so worth it. How incredibly special to have a day that's 100% about the love you share with your soulmate!

Best. Day. Ever.

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