Bouquet Breakdown: Elegant + Fun Innercity Elopement in Berlin
January 23, 2016
Botanic Art you sure have a way with florals. For this marsala hued beauty has found it's pretty lil' way onto every single one of our Pinterest boards, and for good reason! It's the type of pretty that deserves applause, which is why we've asked this petal mastermind to breakdown this beauty of a bouquet, below!


Elegant + Fun Innercity Elopement in Berlin

  • Cafe au Lait Dahlias

  • Burgundy Dahlias

  • White Delphinium

  • Red hanging Amaranthus

  • Amaranthus upright

  • Queen Anne's Lace - Daucus carota 'Black Knight'

  • Pepper berry foliage

  • White spray roses

From Botanic Art... We are known to create blooming environments for weddings in Berlin, surrounding areas and are concentrating more and more to design weddings through-out Europe. My philosophy is and always will be to spread happiness one flower at a time.
The biggest task is to interpret the brides vision. Since every couple is unique, therefor every wedding should be just as unique and reflect their personalities. This might be the biggest challenge but also the best part. Every bouquet and every arrangement I create, conveys my passion and love for what I do. Since the bouquet is always the first piece of floral creation that the bride will see, it is definitely one my favorite and more detailed pieces I will work on.

For this particular bridal bouquet Vivian already knew her color palette. She wanted deep reds and a little bit of blush designed in a chic boho style. Once the colors are chosen, I already have my own vision in which blooms would be the right fit. Since Vivian's elopement was in September, the dahlia, especially the 'cafe au lait' dahlia, was floating through my mind. How could it not! Those big blooms with its soft petals, were a must. And she loved them just as much. With a touch of the beautiful red hanging amaranthus, queen anne's lace and the pepper berry foliage, it was a perfect combination.

Vault CTA


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Floral Design: Botanic Art | Photography: Katja Scherle Festtagsfotografien